Top Tips for a Successful eCommerce 2021 with Liat Karpel Gurwicz from Wix (episode 331)

Liat Karpel Gurwicz is head of eCommerce Marketing at That means she spends her days attracting more retailers to use Wix to power their online store. To do that she and her team spend a lot of time learning from Wix’s 700,000 eCommerce users – and she’s joining us today to share some of the key lessons they’ve learnt from their most successful users.

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About Liat

Liat first started in the world of marketing over 15 years ago. She has worked with a lot of businesses who are building their brand or business online. 

She has always been involved in helping businesses figure out what digital solutions are best for them, and revealed that she enjoys seeing how their tool and platform at Wix are impacting the lives of business owners, as well as their livelihood.

Adapting to the pandemic

2020 saw businesses adapting and shifting just to survive, and ultimately, to thrive. 

The first few months were spent adjusting to the situation but over the year, a huge number of businesses already moved online. From 400,000 active stores at the start of 2020, Wix hosts over 700,000 actives stores today.

There were challenges seen in all aspects such as in supply chain and fulfilment, but businesses have gotten creative in addressing issues.

Looking at this year vs. last year, businesses are more focused now on how they build out their eCommerce strategy and how they make this a part of their overall business model.

The need to be better 

There has been a lot of change in terms of consumer expectation. Consumers are now more demanding because they are able to do so much comparison for the number of competing businesses online.

In terms of service, you need to think about:

  • Making customers feel appreciated
  • Ongoing touch points
  • Staying top of mind for your audience

Focusing on digital marketing

There are different reasons why businesses have turned their focus to digital marketing.

People are discovering new online elements that are working for them. It could be finding a valuable piece in their online business and strategy that enhances their overall objective. It may even be finding out that going direct to consumer is better in scaling their business because it gives them the opportunity to connect more to their customers.

The evolution of established offline businesses going online

Moving online has been growing organically but the pandemic has pushed this at a much faster rate.

Whereas the concern of offline businesses before was not being able to meet or see their clients anymore, they now realize they are able to know more about their customers by going online, such as their full sales history and the channels they’re coming on.

They are adopting the online marketing strategies quite well, and already having the experience of talking to customers directly gives them an advantage that start-ups can learn from.

Preparing for the second half of 2021

Go back to the basics:

  • Focus on SEO to generate better organic traffic over time
  • Do the right automations such as abandon cart recovery
  • Connect with customers by having a live chat on your website

What do we do for the holiday season?

Plan promotions carefully and find the touch points for new audience vs. existing customers. Do promotions for new customers earlier and save last-minute promos for your direct customer base.

For last-minute shoppers, consider the fulfilment window. Examples of ways you can sell to this audience is through gift cards or subscriptions.

What’s important is to start building the plan now.

eCommerce Book Top Tip

  • Grit by Angela Lee Duckworth

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip

  • Know your audience, know your goal, then match the channel to that

Tool Top Tip

  • Human interaction

Growth Top Tip

  • Understand your customer’s lifetime value but look at it both in the short-term and long-term

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