Wine and Stationery go together like…

Yes, I can’t think of a good end to that sentence either.

But, for UK Office Direct and Naked Wines it’s clearly a partnership that’s working.Those buying stationery from UK Office Direct are almost certainly going to be over 18 (very necessary if you’re marketing alcohol), and are working in an office which probably puts them within Naked Wines target income bracket / demographic profile.

So the 2 businesses have teamed up with a co-branded offer for UK Office Direct’s customers:

uk office direct and naked wines voucher

This offer was presented to me when I’d finished my purchase with UK Office Direct – it was on the order confirmation page. That’s a great place to put a partnership offer – the buyer has finished with your website, but has the credit card ready to go!

The offer itself is pretty compelling too:

  • £40 is a large amount to be getting for free
  • There’s a really clear call to action – “CLAIM NOW”
  • And a time limit on the claims – just 30 days

To push me further towards the offer it was also on the order confirmation email I received – interestingly the first thing in the email, before anything else:

uk office direct email order confirmation

UK Office Direct are really pushing the offer, giving it such a prominent position in their order confirmation email.

What can you take from this example?

There’s a few key messages here for me:

  1. Don’t be too precious about the partnerships you go into – think about the customers you want and where they might also be online, rather than whether or not you think the products are a perfect fit.
  2. Think about the design of your offers – this voucher packs a lot of punch into a simple, attractive design.
  3. Even if you’re not doing partnerships – why not put your own promotions on the order confirmation page and order confirmation emails?

What are your partnership tips?