How you can grow your business by adding your products to eBay with Kristi Diemoz (episode 309)

Kristi Diemozis the Senior Manager go to Market Strategy at eBay. She’s been at eBay for over 18 years and throughout has been focused on helping eBay sellers succeed on the platform.

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Who Should be Using eBay and Why?

Almost anyone can really benefit from eBay with instant access to 183 million buyers worldwide. She also points out that eBay has a lot of resources for sellers to reach international audiences.

eBay is unique in that it values the range of items all sorts of sellers bring to the platform. The majority of items are now fixed price, but Kristi says auction is still a great way to move merchandise in a fun way.

They also have immediate payments now in order to make it easier for buyers to pay with multiple payment options including Google and Apple buy. 

eBay Strategies for 2021 and Beyond

Using eBay as a way to clear out back-stock is a great strategy for a lot of companies.

Another great space to leverage is certified refurbished, Everything from vacuums to speakers do really well in this category as a lot of eBay shoppers are looking for a discounted price so these products get lots of eyes on them.

This has also been really a good market for companies with younger buyers who put a lot of importance on making sustainable buys when possible. 

International Reach

For a lot of companies, shipping internationally can be really overwhelming.

The program eBay Global Shipping helps skip the hard parts of shipping internationally by allowing sellers to ship their product to an eBay distribution warehouse. 

During the Pandemic the company has also launched programs to help businesses transition online and keep their businesses going. 

eBay isn’t the Competition.

Even though eBay is a marketplace, they don’t compete with their sellers. A reason a lot of sellers love having their products on eBay is the reach without having to worry about unfair competition.

eBay’s success is really contingent on the success of their sellers, which is why they have been focusing on providing more marketing tools. Some of Kristi’s favorite tools are:

  • Promoted Listings—Onsite Ads that offer more exposure—percentage based
  • Mark Downs—offer mark down announcements
  • Multi-Buys—Offer Multi-buy to buyers
  • Direct Offer—Send offers directly to buyers who are ‘watching’ but not buying

For established businesses with an existing online presence, eBay has onboarding and optimization teams to help businesses be successful as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

eCommerce Book Top Tip

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip

  • Well executed email with a really strong strategy is a great tool for reaching buyers. 

Tool Top Tip

  • Slack — especially ability to send Giphs during the tough year.

Growth Top Tip

  • Come on eBay!

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