Whistl’s Thrive Event 2023 Resources

Thank you for attending my session at Whistl’s event!

Below you’ll find some resources I think you’ll find useful, and which relate to the things I mentioned in my session.

Any questions or feedback please do get in touch


Download the slide deck here

A video explaining my Traffic That Buys model in more detail

Shift Focus: Targeting to Creative

Diversify Your Adspend

  • New Google Ads Strategies – on Keep Optimising (including everything you need to know about PMAX)
    You’ll also find some YouTube ad content via that link
  • New Facebook Ad Strategies – going live in June on Keep Optimising
  • Explore the Blue Ocean of Pinterest Ads with Elle McCann
  • Taking podcast advertising to whole new level… with Sheets and Giggles
  • TikTok Ad Strategies – on Keep Optimising here
  • Offline marketing advice on Keep Optimising – hear last year’s episode right now, and brand new episodes on Direct Mail, and Unboxing going live all through May.

Build Connection with your Customers

Podcasts and Books

keep optimising podcast

Keep Optimising Podcast

Each month a different topic. Every Weds a new Expert Interview

ecommerce marketing: how to get traffic that buys to your website by chloe thomas

Bestselling Book

Kindle, Paperback, and Audiobook

ecommerce masterplan podcast

eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast

Every Monday an interview with an eCommerce retailer.