What Should You Put In Your Subject Lines?

An endless question, just what words and topics should you use in your subject lines?

A brilliant report arrived on my desk this week from Adestra, in which they’ve outlined (for various sectors) the words used in email subject lines and their impact on open rates, click rates, and unsubscribe rates.

The data in this report is so, so useful that I think it might win my “most useful report of 2013” award (if I had one!).

Download your copy here

Headlines for eCommerce:

  • Free P&P – very very powerful
  • % off and Sale – both work pretty well
  • Birthday, Christmas, Holiday, Summer – all perform badly
  • Offer, Essential, and Exclusive all perform badly
  • As do Good, and Fantastic

The eCommerce sector results definitely show that you’ve got to be original – all the big-hitting words are leading to a poor performance. So for the rest of 2013 let’s get creative!