Influencer marketing, Pinterest Ads, and Lead Gen Quizzes with Simon Driscoll from UXB Skincare (episode 305)

We’re joined for the fourth (and final time) today by Simon Driscoll from UXB Skincare. Who’s been sharing his startup journey with us all year – and what a year it’s been!

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Getting into Influencer Marketing

One great outcome of being on the podcast has been the amount of support that Simon’s received from listeners.

After the previous interview was published, a woman named Rachel Clark of Nutter Noggin reached out to Simon with some advice about Influencer marketing. He used the FB group she suggested — UK Influencers and has been able to make some great headway finding good influencer connections to help him showcase his products.

He was really focused on finding influencers who are creative makers and were willing to trade for products. He says it took some doing, but is really starting to pay off.

The Skincare Quiz

Simon’s also continued to focus on building his quiz. The sheer volume of variables make it more complex than it may seem at first blush, but it’s all been worth it according to Simon.

He’s built the quiz in an email format using Klaviyo and says he’s gotten deep into Klaviyo building custom flows that are working really really well. Simon admits that he’s spent a lot of time on the quiz and has a hard time sticking to an MVP.

The launch is proving the value, but he says of course there is still room to optimize! The quiz has revealed a lot of good data about his customers and Simon says he’s been blown away by the value of insights collected from the quiz. 

Sights on Pinterest

Pinterest has been another great source of conversion for Simon. He started on the platform with paid (inexpensive) ads that directed people to his products — a tactic that proved unsuccessful.

However, when he switched tactics and  began directing them to the quiz, conversions ticked up quickly.

Adding Value

Simon’s paid promotions for his quiz are paying off as well. He’s given customers a full range of recommendations even when that means recommending a product from outside his line.

He’s taken the line of always striving to add value and build trust rather than go for the immediate sell. 

What Simon Wished He’d Have Focused on More/Earlier

  • Learning more about the selling funnel
  • Learned how to warm up up traffic
  • Making the website look polished to build trust
  • General focus on building good systems

For Next Year…

  1. Launching 6 new products
  2. Do proper launches this time, not soft launches
  3. Lifecycle marketing
  4. Add and build more quality and polish
  5. Automate More

eCommerce Book Top Tip

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip

  • Using social media to drive people to email sign u[p

Tool Top Tip

Growth Top Tip

  • Get to know your customers and why they are buying your product

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