Using Mobile to Get Email [Infographic]

ecommerce_infographic_of_the_weekThis week’s eCommerce Infographic is hot off the press.

Return Path only published their updated mobile usage stats this week, so you’re among the first to see this data.

Return Path are the very clever people who understand email deliverability, and help all the big email service providers keep the spam out of your inboxes. They seriously know email, and their regular reports are hotly anticipated.

What’s in this infographic?

Stats about how people in different countries around the world are using their mobiles (and other devices) to access their emails.

What can I learn from this infographic?

Key info as follows:

  • Globally more people are opening their emails on mobiles than on anything else.
  • But this varies GREATLY from country to country – UK is very strongly desktop still
  • Not massive AOV differences between devices ($91-.86-$97.39) but mobile has the highest
  • Those buying via smartphone are usually at home(!). 54% in bed, 39% in the bathroom!
  • Usage for email is HEAVILY biased towards Apple globally, but again varies a lot by country – UK is much more even, Germany is very anti Blackberry

So – if you’re considering optimising your email (or your website) for smart phones – there are some very useful, very up to date stats right here.

If you have an infographic you’d like us to feature – just let us know!