Upcoming eCommerce Events

Want to get into the real world (or virtual world) and find out what’s going on in the wider eCommerce world?

Below are details of upcoming eCommerce events, including those that Chloë will be speaking or chairing at.

Please do come and say “hi” if you see us out and about.

Real World and Virtual Conferences and Events

eCommerce Expo

25th and 26th September, London – register for free

Chloë says: “I’m attending both days – see you there”

Internet Retailing Conference

10th October, London – get a ticket here

Chloë says: “I’m chairing again this year – going to be a great day!”

DCA Autumn Conference

24th October London – book here

Chloë Says: “A whole range of things happening on the day, so make sure you book the right bit for you. I’ll be speaking and hosting some quick fire rounds”


Podcast Interviews

Chloë is often asked to appear as guest on other people’s podcasts – the topics and diverse and there’s always something interesting in them.

Here they all are – with the most recent up first:


  • Online Success Journey: 72:
    Chloë says: “Really enjoyed my discussions with Patience – a great way to kick off 2017”


  • The Product Startup: 22:Ecommerce Strategy & Customer Persuasion With Chloë Thomas Of Ecommerce Masterplan
    Chloe says: “Filip hosts a great podcast about product development, so it was an honour to be a guest”
  • Navigating the Customer Experience: 021 : Customer Persuasion: Converting Customers & Increasing Profits with Chloë Thomas
    Chloë says: “My first Jamacian show! Great to focus in on the customer experience”
  • Natural Born Coaches: 462: Customer Persuasion!
    Chloë says: “It’s always nice to stray into a different podcasting niche, and Mark does coaching really well!”
  • Marketing for Owners: 450: Creating An eCommerce Master Plan With Chloë Thomas
    Chloë says: “Jon has really great podcast – well worth a listen”
  • The WP Chick: 107: eCommerce Done Right
    Chloë says: “The host Kim Doyle is a WordPress master – was great to educate her audience about how to get started in eCommerce”
  • Women Taking the Lead: 148: Chloë Thomas on Creating Regularly Paying Customers
    Chloë says: “First time I’ve made a repeat appearance on a show – love chatting with Jodi”
  • Crazy Marketing Ladies: 87: eCommerce MasterPlan Author Chloe Thomas
    Chloë says: “Carole and I discuss all kinds of marketing topics”
  • They Talk for a Living: Chloe Thomas – E-Commerce Expert, Author and Public Speaker
    Chloë says: “Matt is the man who first set me off down the path of podcasting…”
  • Online Learning Podcast: 138: Customer Persuasion with Chloe Thomas
    Chloë says: “really interesting to discuss how Customer Persuasion applies to a different sector”
  • Business Rescue Road Map: 64: How to Grow an International Audience, with Chloe Thomas
    Chloë says: “Worth a listen if you’re going international”
  • The Potential Millionairo:  Chloe Thomas: The Ecommerce Rock Star
    Chloë says: “My first appearance on a Spanish podcast!”
  • Crack the Customer Code: 130:
    Chloë says: “Talking Customer Persuasion from the side of customer service”
  • Web Marketing that Works: 132
    Chloë says: “Great to get indepth with such an accomplished Australian marketer”
  • Creating a  Successful Business: 30: Grow your eCommerce business faster with Chloë Thomas
    Chloë says: “We get right into the heart of Customer persuasion for this one”
  • NMEU Podcast: Keep Optimising with Chloë Thomas
    Chloë says: “An interesting one this one – not the usual eCommerce focus”
  • Planning Your Leap Into Business Podcast: 69: Expert Fridays: Chloë Thomas: ECommerce basics
    Chloë says: “Nice to have a chat focused on startups”
  • CastSource: Differentiating Yourself in eCommerce and Podcast World with Chloe Thomas
    Chloë says: “Great to dive into differentiation – in both the podcast and eCommerce worlds”
  • Daily Business Mistakes Podcast: 070: Doing Things that Don’t Suit Your Personality Will Drive Your Business Into the Ground with Chloë Thomas
    Chloë says: “It’s always cathartic to talk about mistakes in public! There’s a ton of different types of tips in this one…”
  • The Theater of the Courtroom: 116
    Chloë says: “it might be a podcast for lawyers but we focused on Content Marketing and I everything I share could be implemented in any industry”


  • The Journey of Success: 058: Chloë Thomas on Developing an eCommerce Masterplan
    Chloë says: “some funny stories in this one, and a lot of eCommerce advice too”
  • Entrepreneur on Fire: 1097: Create a masterplan for your eCommerce with Chloe Thomas
    Chloë says: “EOFire is one of the biggest podcasts in the world – I was pretty star struck recording this one!”
  • Women Taking the Lead: 045: Chloë Thomas on Utilizing What You Do Naturally
    Chloë says: “this one really goes into my history, mistakes made, and lessons learnt!”
  • Small Business Drivers: 08: Chloe Thomas: All about eCommerce
    Chloë says: “my first Australian podcast appearance – a pleasure to chat with Nicky Roche”
  • Podcast Power Marketing: 007: How Chloe Thomas Is Using Podcasting To Expand Her Business Overseas
    Chloë says: “if you’re considering podcasting – have a listen to this one”