Unboxing – suprising marketing benefits from your parcels…

If you’ve not come across the world of ‘unboxing’ it’s a youtube trend that started with High Tec products and has now moved into more mainstream product areas.

They are videos of people unboxing a product. And talking the viewer through the packaging and what’s in the box.

Here’s a typical one from the high tec world:

This is now sneaking into eCommerce – and bringing lots of Content Marketing and Social Media marketing benefits to those brands who are able to harness it. Let’s run through some examples…

Make Up Unboxing

There are now a number of subscription services for make up and skincare products. These have really taken off in the world of YouTube unboxing (from high tec to make up – who would have seen that leap?!).


I’ve chosen to show this one as in it Leighann talks through how GlossyBox used unboxing to promote their American launch.

Other Subscription Service Unboxing

Subscription products are definatly one of those taking off in the unboxing world:

Here’s Graze:

In fact if you’re researching this as a possible business model at the moment – just check out Subscriptionboxmom’s YouTube channel! It’s just videos of different subscription boxes.

Mainstream eCommerce Unboxing examples

Fashion Boutique – reviewed right from courier through…


(you can see more of Lauren’s unboxing here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMzbF_n2CSrc2Zv0IpWfPbBuh0ehbUqZZ)

Topshop (yes- finally a UK video!)


Poundland (it doesn’t have to be glam to be unboxed)


Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg

How can you use Unboxing in your Business?

First, off work out if there’s an appetite for unboxing of your products – search YouTube for your brand name with “unboxing”, “unbox” and “haul”. Then repeat the search for key competitors.

If you find some video bloggers who are busy unboxing your products, or those from similar stores – why not get in contact with them to encourage them to unbox you?

Secondly, would it help customers buy from you if you did a couple of unboxing videos of your own? The reason the Graze reviewer above did her videos was because she got offered a free box, but didn’t understand what a graze box was – how can you avoid your customers having the same problem? If a lot of your calls are people asking ‘what’s in the box?’, ‘what cables come with it?’, are batteries included?’ – it might be time to do an unboxing video.

Finally, if there are unboxing videos of your products already – act on them. If they’re positive shout about them – pin it, tweet it, like it etc etc. If they’re not – fix the problem and thank the videoer for letting you know.

Let me know how you get on with your unboxing.