Twitter Advertising – not in the UK yet…

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How to monetise twitter has been a pondering point for many over the last couple of years. With the wide variety of software via which people access twitter – it’s not like they can add adverts to the side like Youtube, Facebook, or the search engines do.

So I guess they’ve reached the kind of obvious solution – sell tweets.

For the last few months (in the US only at the moment) twitter have been trialling 3 types of advertising:

  • Promoted Tweets – where you pay to get your tweet to the top of the results
  • Promoted Trending Topics – paying to place your choice of trending topic on the right hand bar (see this blog for information on the first one)
  • EarlyBird – which is a twitter account that tweets about fast moving commercial deals

As yet there aren’t any case studies on whether these are working for brands or not, plus we don’t yet know if these are the ad tools Twitter will be rolling out to the UK. So watch the web for more updates!