Trick or Treat? Best Halloween Promotion…

If you’re serious about eCommerce promotions, then every major event is an opportunity to drive sales.

So today my inbox is full of Halloween offers, and the prize for best Halloween promotion 2012 goes to…

Look Fantastic:

Trick or Treat Halloween Offer

I’ve had to reduce the size of the image so it will fit on the blog (if you click it you should get the full size version), so here’s the text:

Trick or Treat
5% up to 25% Mystery Discounts
Enter your unique code to reveal your surprise…

Your mystery discount code:

This really ties the offer into the modern view of Halloween – trick or treat and mysteries.

What I’d love to know though is if the discount codes are totally random, or if they’re driven by customer segment.

Have you seen any great Halloween offers? Or other seasonal offers?