The Top Facebook Ad Strategies for eCommerce in 2021 with Antoine Gagné from J7 Media (episode 316)

Antoine Gagné is the founder and CEO at J7 Media, a creative and data-driven Facebook Ads agency managing over $2M in monthly ad spend. J7 Media specialise in helping DTC brands grow their sales, and have analysed the advertising they’ve been running to put together a guide to best practices – and that’s what Chloe’s chatting with Antoine about in this episode.

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About Antoine

Antoine started his company in 2012, with a focus on social media management.

In 2016, he realized that they weren’t getting great organic reach with content creation alone and began focusing on distribution as well as content.

It was a big success and from then on they continued to grow the distribution expertise side of the business which naturally meant they had more eCommerce clients.

So many eCommerce business owners are used to google ads and don’t have the skill set to do content and creative required for good Facebook Advertising. 

No. 1 Lesson Highlight From Report

Pay attention to CPM and adapt accordingly. There are a lot of really technical things to learn in Facebook marketing, but a simple thing to focus on is how to adapt your campaigns to the fluctuation in CPM.

2020 statistics reveal (as you would expect) a lot of fluctuation in CPM. Many businesses closed in the Spring because of the pandemic which created a lot of advertising space on Facebook in the early months.

Ad space was available and cheap. Later, during Black Friday, CPMs fluctuated wildly again since everyone was necessarily focusing on their online business.

One client with a multi-million dollar budget used CPM savvy and invested a majority of their ad budget early — in October — to warm up the audience and generate leads. This tactic gave them more mileage since CPM was lower in October than it was in November and when the time was right, they could switch and let their email campaigns do the heavy lifting. 

Smart CPM

Invest strategically around CPM fluctuations (ie: In October instead of November)  

Warm people up before campaign saturation

Generate Emails with a Purchase Intent

Be Creative with Getting Engagement. For a toy company, Antoine created a wish list campaign that gave customers a quiz to help them pick the perfect gift.

Be Smart About Email Sign Up

You need to know how much an email is worth. Antoine and his team use both the Facebook Lead form and directing customers to a sales page for manual sign up.

Using the direct Facebook lead form, the team saw a lot of sign ups, but low conversion. CPL is not enough to judge a campaign. Make sure you are monitoring conversion. 

Instant Experience

Instant Experience is a native Facebook sales funnel for mobile users. It’s important to note that Instant Experience isn’t good for big, serious purchases — because it’s only for mobile.

On the flip side, if you are selling a less expensive product — $20, $30 or $40 it’s a great, evergreen opportunity. Instant Experience pages aren’t complicated to make and are well worth the effort.

The Facebook native product page creates a direct click to checkout on your site from Facebook. While the purchase doesn’t happen on Facebook yet, Antoine says no doubt that’s where they are going.

Have Fewer Campaigns

Facebook’s Power 5 were released in 2020 are the five main tips Facebook recommends to make the most of your advertising.

The FB Pixel is becoming so smart that they are encouraging people to simplify campaigns so that Pixel can do the job. Broaden your audience and remove limitations — let Facebook do the work!

eCommerce Book Top Tip

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip

  • For B2B — Podcasts are so useful for creating proximity to your audience and it’s evergreen. For B2C a mix of Facebook advertising and Influencer marketing

Tool Top Tip

  • Learning Management System called Praxio — learning platform for staff

Growth Top Tip

  • Find a way to liquidate your ad costs. Think about how to use Ads to sell up front and then migrate audiences to re-engage through email.

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