The world of fashion affiliate marketing is hotting up

There has been a bit of a resurgence in affiliate marketing of late with more and more affiliates cleverly taking advantage of the way people are learning to shop online. Consumers are getting more and more web savvy and are much more likely to shop around to find the ideal product at the ideal price. Affiliates are using this to their advantage, taking the model of a standard shopping portal or comparison sites, adding a few nice quirks, and turning it into a brand in its own right.

Introducing 2 New Fashion Affiliates

The world of fashion affiliates is no exception. The last fortnight has seen the launch of 2 new affiliate sites to add to the fashion affiliate pot:

These add to the ever improving number of clever fashion affiliates offering new and easy ways for users to shop for fashion.

Clever affiliate sites such as these are giving retailers, especially smaller players, the opportunity to really hit their target market in a way that allows them to keep a tight control of their ROI. Retailers who work closely and cleverly with these key players will be able to see a really good return.

Garmentology – Showing the consumer products which will suit them

Garmentology is a very clever tool, powered by Shop Style, that takes a woman’s measurements, age, colouring and shape and outputs a list of garments from different retailers that will suit their shape and tastes.

It reaches right into its target market and encourages full user interaction – including encouraging users to share the experience in real time with family and friends.

They’re already working with some of the big high street, online and mail order fashion retailers – Boden, M&S, Coast, Asos – and are continuing to build this list. As an additional benefit to retailers, they also offer to integrate their categorisation directly into your website, broadening their appeal to retailers.

Style Compare – The latest fashion super portal

Style Compare is more of a traditional shopping portal amalgamating the products offered by different retailers and allowing users to browse across brands. However, you could almost call Style Compare a super portal. The site has many of the big fashion retailers on board from high street to designer and allows you to filter products by price, product type, style, material, size, colour, occasion, fit and more. Style Compare is giving the user the ability to choose exactly how they want to shop all in one website.