Selling 4,000 Orders a Month as a Force For Good with Laura Davies, Founder of The Kid Collective (episode 433)

Laura Davies is the Founder of The Kid Collective, a UK-based toy and sustainable parenting online store built on BluePark. Founded in 2008 they now process 2 to 4,000 orders a month.

Laura Davies The Kid Collective on eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast

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About Laura

Laura shares she got into eCommerce at the time she had a child and started using reusable nappies, which she loved. She adds that she has always made an effort to make sustainable choices and wanted to try selling them.

She set up an online store in 2008 and today, The Nappy Gurus is still in operation. The Kid Collective, which is an expansion to include sustainable toys, was set up four years ago.

Changing Your Business Model When It’s REALLY Worth It

For both The Nappy Gurus and The Kid Collective, the business model is reselling other people’s products. And while they’ve looked into manufacturing their own products, Laura says they’re ultimately a reseller, and they value the relationships they’ve developed with their partner brands.

It has its challenges, Laura admits, but they’re happy with what they’re working with at the moment.

Creating a More Sustainable Supply Chain

Laura mentions they’re selective with the toys they stock, making sure they look at credentials in terms of sustainability and manufacturing, as well as the value these toys give to the child.

They work closely with their suppliers to ensure that the products they resell are as sustainable as possible and even request non-plastic packaging as part of their commitment to sustainability.

How to Beat the Competition

When asked how they maintain their position in the challenging industry of selling kids’ toys, Laura shares they really look at what aspects are important.

Aside from having a really clear message, they make sure to keep their community engaged and work hard to retain their existing customers.

Laura is also proud of their customer service. They go above and beyond what is expected, and this is reflected in the reviews they get.

Keeping Fulfillment In-House

For Laura, there are clear benefits to managing their own logistics.

First, they’re able to add personal handwritten notes to every order. Second, they can handle customer issues right away. Third, they can gather their own social media content.

So while it does get challenging at times, especially during peak periods, the advantages of keeping their fulfillment in-house are too good to let go of.

eCommerce Book Top Tip

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip

  • Laura says what has really helped them with their SEO and improving organic traffic is digital PR. This has also helped in reducing their acquisition costs so it’s what Laura recommends.

Tool Top Tip

Growth Top Tip

  • Put some money behind paid advertising but don’t forget to have a customer retention plan as well.

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