The Best eCommerce Conferences to Attend in 2016

Running an eCommerce business makes it hard to get out to a conference – you’re taking orders 24/7 so there’s always something that needs to be done – always an excuse not to leave the office.

That doesn’t mean you should stay in the office all year round! Rather you should assess what you want to achieve in the coming months and identify the conferences that are going to help you do that.

2016 eCommerce conferences blogTo work out which conference(s) you should go to, consider these factors:

  • Cost
    Some are free, some are a few quid, others are £100s
    Is the cost worth it for the anticipated benefit?
  • Timing
    Does when it happen work for you? If you’re aiming to have the project done by August and the relevant conference in September – will it still be worth it?
  • Content
    What is the conference going to be covering?
  • Speaker quality
    This varies A LOT – at some of the massive free shows you’re mainly going to get pitched at (ie “our product can do X”), at a smaller more curated shows the quality will be higher
  • Attendees
    One of the biggest benefits of attending a conference comes from the conversations you have with other attendees during the day(s) – so try and get a feel of who goes, are they like you? Are they running a similar size and type of business?

To help you out a bit you’ll find some great recommendations below. These are conferences where you will get great content, and great speakers. They’re a mix of my recommendations and those who appeared on our recent Expert View series of podcasts (you can find them all here).

In rough chronological order:

Shopify London Meetup

These are organised every couple of month’s by WeMakeWebsites.

The Online Seller Meetups

Organised every few months by IWOCA in London, Birmingham, Leeds and elsewhere in the UK

Top Drawer

Spring: 17-19 Jan 2016
Autumn: 11-13 Sept 2016
Covers a wide range of topics, including the “Academy LIVE” which is the conference stream.

The Delivery Conference – organised by MetaPack

2nd Feb 2016
All about delivery – I’ll was there! Download or listen to my top takeaways.

Pure London – Fashion focused

14-16 Feb 2016
Including a range of seminars and speakers.

RBTE – Retail Business Technology Expo

9-10th March 2016
Not one I’m particularly familar with, but it was recommended to be my Ian Jindle so I’ll be popping along this year to see what’s going on.

Catalyst Connect – organised by Channel Advisor

20th April 2016
One of the best conferences I attended last year – I will be there again this year, and hopefully sticking around for more of the party! (watch the video on the homepage for long enough and you’ll see me talking to the camera!)

SheerLuxe B2B eCommerce Conference

20-21st April 2016
An event full of enthusiasm.

Internet Retailing Expo & eDelivery Expo

27-28th April 2016
If money is tight – then at least attend one day of this co-located conference as it’s free to attend and the content is great. I will almost certainly be there – so if you spot me please do say hi!

DCA Annual Summit 2016

2nd June 2016
With roots in the mail order sector there’s a lot of great advice and helpful people at this one.

XChange – Organised by Demandware

14-15th June
Next to nothing released about this one yet – but it is targeted more at the Enterprise level business.

Internet Retailing Conference

October 2016 (date tbc)
It is aimed at larger eCommerce businesses (turnover £10m+), and this year I will be bringing you my takeaways again (hear 2015’s here)

eDelivery Conference

October 2016 (date tbc)
It is aimed at larger eCommerce businesses (turnover £10m+), and this year I will be bringing you my takeaways again (hear 2015’s here)

Social Retail Summit

Hopefully returning to the UK in 2016, but no details yet released.


Do you have any recommendations? Please comment below!