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Case Study: Zoo Ceramics

Zoo CeramicsOver 20 years ago Tracey Wright and Maggie Betley started their pottery studio in Waddington, Lincolnshire. As the name suggests they specialise in ceramic animal sculptures and gifts.

Initially sales came from visitors to the studio, events, and wholesale orders. As the economy has changed over the last 5 years they’ve changed their route to market to be almost purely the studio and online, getting sales from all over the world and adapting the product range to maximise the sales. For example, they were getting lots of traffic on their light pulls pages, but only sold 6 designs. So that was quickly increased to 15 options and sales have increased.

Zoo Ceramics has a fairly niche product range, but a very wide customer base – from souvenir buyers, to interior designers, to animal lovers. Having such a wide customer base means that the move to eCommerce has really helped build the sales because it enables them to get their boutique products to such a large audience.

As well as selling from their own site, they also sell on eBay which allows them to tap into an even bigger marketplace. In fact just 5 minutes after listing their first product on eBay they sold a Dodo Egg Cup to a lady in America! Other online marketing is focused on creating great content that will bring the right sort of customer to the website. Articles about potters with a similar style, and events and news.

Zoo Ceramics now fit into our Boutique Bricks and Clicks eCommerce Business Structure, and have a Product USP.