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The eCommerce MasterPlan helped me focus the mind that an online shop needs to be active and constantly updated. Seasonal updates, weekend sales, weather-based promotions all keep the site looking fresh and will get your customers coming back far more often than a static, never-chaging website. The eCMP gave me plenty of tips and tricks on how to do this and in many ways gave me a road map to work to.
Pascal Culverhouse, Electric Tobacconist, Nov 2015

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Chloe thank you so much for the bonus episodes during the holiday season of 2015. I have implemented a few of the mentioned strategies from your show. For example: don’t give discount on everything but on carefully chosen products since bestsellers will sell anyway also without discount! That tip really made a difference this year (we used to do 10% on everything) Also informing customers earlier about cut-off times around the holidays was a great tip! I believe it got customers sooner in buying presents mode. But the best was just by listening to your bonus episodes they really got me thinking about my holiday strategy and that in itself is so valuable. For 2016 I am going to start as early as spring to be so much better prepared for the next festive season! Thank you!
Gerjo – Shopamerica.eu The Netherlands, Jan 2016

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Chloe’s free, half-hour consultation was jam-packed with advice and tips. Everything was geared towards my business from the overview I’d given at the outset. No time was wasted and the advice given came in the form of actionable points – and that’s what I love the most about Chloe’s approach (and it’s true of her book Customer Persuasion too. She doesn’t just give you a textbook overview, but nuts and bolts that you can actually work with to accomplish your goals. Next time you have the opportunity to consult with Chloe, don’t think twice about it. Make your booking and spend a little time making notes on a couple of pain points in your business and get ready for the most enlightening 30 minutes an e-commerce business owner can have this year.
Rob McEwan, Carsun’s Bazaar Comics and Geek Merch