7 Top Tips for Tech Stack Optimisation in 2024 (episode 485)

I’m asking SEVEN eCommerce Tech specialists for their answer to this question: 

What is your top tip for Tech Stack Optimisation in 2024? 

Tech Stack Optimisation – but what’s that??! I hear you cry. 

Well, it’s how you can get more out of your tech stack – from your website to your marketing tools, to your back-end systems, to the tools you use behind the scenes to keep your team organised. 

Experts What is your top tip for Tech Stack Optimisation in 2024? on eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast

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Rachael Jones from Studio Rotate 

Rachel points out the importance of outsourcing non-core activities to specialists and conducting a comprehensive audit of the tech stack as key strategies for tech stack optimisation in 2024. She says: 

  • Outsource tasks that are not unique to your business. 
  • Conduct an audit of your tech stack using the 3 big Cs: cost, compatibility, and convenience. 
  • Evaluate the convenience and speed of your tech stack, especially with the rapid advancements in technology and changes in the eCommerce space. 
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James Gurd, Digital Juggler / Re:Platform Podcast 

James’s advice on tech stack optimisation for 2024 revolves around careful planning and strategic decision-making. A few key points he makes are: 

  • Clarify the problems you aim to solve with technology to ensure it’s the right solution. 
  • Decide whether to build in-house or purchase third-party solutions based on clear criteria. 
  • Incorporate accessibility and performance considerations into all tech decisions 
  • Evaluate build versus buy. 
  • James Gurd is an independent eCommerce strategy and technology consultant with 20 years of experience. Find out more
  • He’s also founder and co-host of the popular Re:platform podcast, providing weekly insights on eCommerce CX and technology  

Rachel Tonner from Klevu 

Rachel advises brands to focus on leveraging their current tech stack for quick wins that can significantly enhance customer experience. She says: 

  • Integrate product review tools into your website to boost social proof and consumer trust. 
  • Explore personalization opportunities in your current tech stack to enhance customer experience. 
  • Check existing integrations between your tech stack components to identify and implement quick wins. 
  • Starting with small but manageable steps can lead to impactful changes in how you use your tech stack for better customer engagement and sales. 
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Deepak Anand, SHOPLINE 

Deepak predicts that in 2024, retailers will increasingly adopt composable SaaS solutions to enjoy the benefits of lower total cost of ownership and reduced tech debt while maintaining system flexibility. His key points are: 

  • Composable SaaS offers a balance between cost efficiency and system modularity. 
  • Retailers are moving towards tech solutions that allow for easy integration and flexibility. 
  • Different system components communicating effectively are crucial for a harmonious tech ecosystem. 
  • Future-proof technology through the adaptability of composable SaaS solutions 

İrem Işık from Storyly 

İrem emphasizes the importance of creating a unified and integrated tech stack that supports seamless omnichannel experiences. She says:  

  • Unified and integrated platforms are essential for seamless omnichannel customer experiences. 
  • Documenting the use and outcomes of tech stack tools or shared history ensures continuity and knowledge sharing across teams.
  • Automation should be implemented not just for efficiency but also for impact and scalability. 
  • Tech investments should be evaluated based on their ROI, focusing on tools that directly contribute to revenue. 
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Jodie Guichard, Brightpearl by Sage 

Jodie highlights the critical role of automation in tech stack optimization for 2024, emphasizing strategic integration aligned with business goals and processes: 

  • Automation should be strategically integrated to align with business goals and processes. 
  • Identify and automate repetitive, time-consuming, and error-prone tasks to see significant improvements. 
  • Regularly review and adjust automation strategies to stay current with tech advancements. 
  • Thoughtful and strategic automation can significantly enhance efficiency, save costs, and improve overall business performance. 

Chris McCarthy-Stott from PushON 

Chris McCarthy-Stott suggests a minimalist approach to tech stack optimisation, believing the principle that “less is more.” His tips include: 

  • Conduct a gap analysis to understand the utilization and benefits of your current tech stack. 
  • Remove unused technologies to avoid unnecessary costs and complexity.  
  • Consider the full capabilities of out-of-the-box solutions before opting for custom development. 
  • Upskill your team. This can be a more efficient solution than adding more technology. 

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