How TA-DAAN Blends Content and Commerce for Artisanal Growth & Success (episode 488)

Costanza Tomba is a co-founder and CPO (Chief Product Officer) at TA-DAAN, a brand founded in 2020 as a destination for craftsmanship, creativity, and sustainability, selling contemporary craftsmanship across homes, gifts, accessories, and jewellery. Their community is over 200,000 followers, and a network of over 5,000 artisans across Europe creating the products. TA-DAAN fully launched on Shopify in 2023 and in the first year achieved sales of over EURO 500,000 and is currently growing 30% every month. 

Costanza Tomba TA-DAAN on eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast

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Dive in: 

[04:12] Evolution from showcasing to facilitating commerce for artisans. 
[08:56] Strong alignment and connection in founding team. 
[09:55] Business grew from 4 to 17 people. 
[14:40] Testing operational activities before crowdfunding decision. 
[18:38] Pop-ups engage with people, build brand. 
[20:19] Listen to Costanza’s Top Tips! 

Leveraging Content as a Foundation for eCommerce 

Starting as a content-focused platform can be a strategic advantage for eCommerce ventures. TA-DAAN began as a digital magazine, which allowed them to build a community and test market interest before launching their eCommerce platform. This initial focus on content creation helped them establish trust and engagement with their audience, which proved beneficial when they transitioned to selling products. The content not only drew people in but also educated them about the value of the artisans’ work, creating a ready market once products were available for purchase. 

Community Engagement and Feedback in Product Offerings 

TA-DAAN’S shift to eCommerce was largely influenced by the feedback and demands of their community. They noticed that while their audience was engaged with the content, there was a clear demand for purchasing the showcased products. This feedback loop is crucial for businesses to adapt and evolve according to customer needs, ensuring relevance and sustained interest. Listen to your community’s needs and adapt your business model to meet them. 

The TA-DAAN Team  

Costanza shares the growth and structure of TA-DAAN’s team, which has expanded from the original four founders to 17 total members. This includes three outsourced marketers and 14 in-house members with a strong emphasis on content production. The team is composed of specialists such as graphic designers, photographers, and video makers, who play a crucial role in storytelling. This narrative approach is vital for illustrating the value of their artisan-made products, which helps educate consumers accustomed to fast-produced items about the true worth of handcrafted goods. Additionally, TA-DAAN, based in Milan, operates with a vision of being a European startup, currently selling across major European markets and planning to expand into the UK and the US. 

Going the Crowdfunding Route 

Costanza says that TA-DAAN opted for equity crowdfunding to secure the necessary funding to scale their eCommerce business effectively. This method was chosen not only to gather financial support but also to strengthen community engagement by allowing both customers and artisans to invest and share in the success of the company. The campaign reached its funding target quickly, underscoring the strong support and confidence in Tadan’s business model and growth potential. 

Key Marketing Methods for TA-DAAN 

Employing a mix of diverse marketing tools to maximize reach and impact has been key for TA-DAAN. Costanza especially highlights their success with performance marketing with a specialized team driving this initiative. Despite its lower traffic, email marketing stood out as a crucial tool for conversions through carefully designed automated flows that address both pre and post-purchase phases. Furthermore, TA-DAAN also utilized pop-up stores effectively, especially in new markets. These pop-ups provided physical brand interactions during major events in various European cities. This direct engagement not only elevated brand awareness but also complemented other marketing efforts by creating memorable experiences that resonated well with attendees. 

eCommerce Book Top Tip

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip

  • Email marketing and offline events 

Tool Top Tip

  • Slack productivity tool

Carbon Top Tip

  • TA-DAAN emphasizes both social impact and environmental sustainability. They educate their customers to purchase fewer but higher-quality, sustainably-made products. Additionally, they partner with artisans who prioritize sustainable practices by not overproducing and using upcycled or recycled materials.  

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