Sustainable Packaging That Saves 15,000 Tonnes of Emissions for Brands with Saloni Doshi (episode 442)

CEO and Chief Sustainability Geek at EcoEnclose, Saloni Doshi, joins the show today to talk about sustainable packaging and so much more. They are a B2B eCommerce store selling sustainable packaging solutions on the BigCommerce platform. Founded in 2015 they now do over $25 million a year and in 2022 alone brands using their products saved 15,000 tonnes of emissions, 12,000 acres of forest, and 21 million gallons of water!

Saloni Doshi EcoEnclose on eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast

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About Saloni

At the time Saloni and her husband bought EcoEnclose, they were really looking for a business to buy.

There were several businesses her husband considered but did not interest Saloni. But when they chanced upon EcoEnclose, met its founder, and learned about the business, both Saloni and her husband knew it was the right business to run together.

About EcoEnclose

  • Based in Colorado, USA
  • Works with manufacturers in the US
  • With customers from all across the US, Canada, and Europe
  • Started expanding their manufacturing footprint to include Asia
  • Gradually increasing their reach to be more global

Saloni shares that their expansions come from listening to their customers and discovering what the market gaps are. They have a lot of conversations with their customers wherein they try to understand where their problems lie and where EcoEnclose can come in to help.

EcoEnclose’s Framework for Sustainability

Saloni says another part of their decision-making process for expansions is making sure they fit their framework for sustainability. This framework is mostly centered around the concept of circularity, such as creating packaging from recycled content and ensuring that it’s easy to recycle after its use.

There are other different elements in their framework, and based on this, they’ve said “no” to some projects because they didn’t stack up to their framework, and they’ve also said “yes” to some that are not perfect but are the best options that meet their criteria.

At EcoEnclose, they want to make sure that they can provide what their customers need, but in as close accordance with their framework as possible.

Customer Education

On EcoEnclose’s website, there are plenty of resources meant to educate their customers on different subject areas such as sustainability, bioplastics, and more. But Saloni says that she feels they’re not being read as much. 

Instead, the resources have created an aura of trust for their customers because they show how much effort the company has put into researching and compiling them.

What’s Next for EcoEnclose

Saloni shares that they’re looking forward to so many things at EcoEnclose.

One is making plastic out of seaweed. Another thing they’re looking at is diversifying the fiber basket for paper. Another is creating ag waste paper lines. And of course, they’re also doing work on the reusable side.

For Saloni, it’s exciting to think about the possibilities in sustainable packaging, and these are just some of the areas EcoEnclose has started to invest in.

eCommerce Book Top Tip

Saloni has three recommendations:

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip

  • For Saloni, customer interactions are the number one way a brand can build relationships that will breed trust and loyalty. 

Tool Top Tip

  • Every week, write down everything you need to do, then make a closed list made up of only three things, and don’t do anything else until you at least cross one thing off that closed list. Saloni took this from the book Four Thousand Weeks and says it keeps her focused.

Carbon Top Tip

  • Figure out if you can shift anything in your business or product into something that’s recycled. Every time you do that, you’ll cut the carbon footprint of that thing by 30–90%. So think recycled all the time, and that will make an impact.

Interview Links

  • Check out EcoEnclose
    • If you’re interested in ordering custom branded packaging, EcoEnclose is excited to give listeners a first time custom branded packaging order at 20% off the website pricing. Contact and let them know that you’re an eCommerce MasterPlan listener to grab that discount.
  • Saloni on LinkedIn

Thanks to the BigCommerce team for the intro to this awesome guest

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