Growing a swimwear brand to over 7 figures with Charys Caldarella from Styelle Swim (episode 389)

Charys Caldarella is the CEO and founder of Styelle Swim, a sustainable swimwear fashion brand. Founded in 2016 they are now on track to hit 1million euros this year. 

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Getting Started in eCommerce

Charys went to fashion college and has been in the fashion industry for nearly 20 years.

Back in 2012 when she had her own retail stores selling other brands, she saw a shift when her customers asked more and more if the store was on Facebook, Instagram, or if she even had a website.

Instead of saying “No”, she looked into having her own eCommerce store selling her own merchandise.

Checking All the Sustainability Pieces

When Charys started Styelle Swim, it was important for her to have all the sustainability pieces in place. This includes partnering with Greenfleet in Australia, which does carbon offsetting for the brand by planting a tree for every order.

And because consumers today are actively looking for sustainable products, other brands in Australia have come out with products similar to Styelle Swim’s. 

Marketplaces and Educating the Wholesaler

Even though the brand grew over the last 18 months, Charys said she utilizes the platforms of other brands for their vast customer base so Styelle Swim can grow even further.

Prior to launching on the platform, they educate the wholesaler and also ensure that they’re partnering with companies aligned with their interests. 

Providing Better Options

Styelle Swim aims to teach consumers about the kind of impact they have not just on the planet but also on their own bodies.

Additionally, by publishing the type of fabric they use for their swimwear, Charys hopes that other businesses will want to follow suit and the shift the dynamics.

Tips to Make Big Impact

There are some personal changes you can make to become sustainable such as using less plastic, upgrading to an electric vehicle, getting solar panels for your home, or doing thrift shopping.

For your business, you can begin by getting rid of plastic packaging, rethinking the end-of-life of your products, and creating circularity. Be responsible for what you put out in the world.

eCommerce Book Top Tip

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip

  • For Charys, SEO has been the brand’s number one performer.

Tool Top Tip

  • Plann Instagram scheduler + social media suite
  • ClickUp project management tool
  • PickyStory eCommerce conversion platform

Growth Top Tip

  • Because it’s a numbers game, Charys’ tip is to focus on getting more traffic to your website and making sure that it’s nurtured enough to be able to convert.

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