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Episode 292

Six Sessions to Improve Onsite Search

Chloe says: Klevu have put together a series of six videos to help you learn about some of the cleverest ways to improve on-site search and navigation, and thus increase your conversions. Each is less than 15min long, and features me quizzing one of their team about a different part of product discovery – I think it’s particularly cool to get to hear from the behind-the-scenes specialists you don’t usually get to hear from.

Access the series here

Chatfuel School YouTube Channel

Chloe says: A weekly online marketing video podcast where they interview multiple experts about a key topic – like Social Proof, or beginners Shopify Advice. Every episode might not be relevant for you, but they are high quality so worth checking out each week to see if the latest topic is on your to do list.

Access it here

Episode 291

Lengow Day 2020

Chloe says: Usually an event in Paris – this year it’s ALL Online! And they’re making the most of it being online with a super expanded list of sessions with content timed to suit the timezones of Asia / Europe AND the US. Love how they’ve really focused on their customer to get this right.

It’s totally free to attend – so there’s no excuse not to join over 4.000 other retailers in getting your access to this super line up.

Whilst the event is primarily aimed at retailers selling on marketplaces – with some amazing sessions including all the major marketplaces taking to the virtual stage. There’s also A LOT of great marketing content.

I’m hosting a panel session on Marketing 4.0, the marvellous Luke Carthy (a Keep Optimising guest) is chairing a session on internationalisation. And there’s a real social media angle to it all too.

It all happens on October 1st – so I highly recommend you get your virtual seat booked now.

Episode 272

Meet Magento UK 2020 goes Online!

Chloe says: Last year Meet Magento UK was one of the best eCommerce events I went to ALL YEAR LONG. (Hear my takeaways in episode 226)

This year it’s happening on 17th June – and because of you-know-what the organisers have decided to make it an online event!

That means 3 great things for you:

  1. You can attend from wherever you are in the world without having to travel to London
  2. They’re going to pack in more excellent speakers – so you’re going to get a lot more out of the day.
  3. Ticket prices have plummeted! (and you can attend for free)

And one great thing for the fight against you-know-what:

  • 100% of the INCOME from the event goes to charity

Not just the profit from the event – but the INCOME. Every penny the sponsors pay, goes to charity. Every penny you pay for a ticket, goes to charity.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an eCommerce event, or digital marketing event do that. Ever.

The ticket price is “Pay what you can” (they’re recommending £20), so you can donate more or less depending on what works for you.

Episode 268

The mobile panel webinar: Pushing your mobile conversion rate higher than your desktop

Chloe says: Tomorrow (yes, sorry for the short notice on this one) I’m hosting a free panel webinar all about how to improve your mobile conversion rates. I’ll be joined by Aynsley Peet, Cox & Cox’s Head of eCommerce and Nick Stragnell, eCommerce Consultant and ex Head of Online Trade and Experience, Boden (you might remember him from episode 236).

We’ll be covering all kinds of ways to improve mobile performance from checkout and on site optimisation right through to marketing. Plus, you’ll get the chance to have your qs answered too.

Digital Transformation Webinar: LSE Retail Group

Chloe says: You’ve got a bit more notice for this online event, as it’s on the 23rd April. 

This one is more of an interview than a panel – as I’ll be chatting with Simon Haughton, Marketing Director – LSE Retail Group Limited. We’re going to chatting about the digital transformation journey LSE (they sell lights) have been on – including upgrading their Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Episode 267

Contribute to Klaviyo’s Covid-19 Pulse Check

Chloe says: Klaviyo are currently compiling a survey EVERY DAY to check the pulse of the industry during the Covid-19 pandemic. If you’re contributing you’ll get access to the results – sure to be a fascinating bank of data.

Please take part – the more retailers who submit each day the better quality data you’ll get back to help you make your decisions. 

A new survey goes live each day, to find it just go to the Klaviyo homepage and scroll until the survey link pop up opens – simple as that.

Catch me on a Webinar with Magento

Chloe says: In late April I’m speaking on a webinar for Magento. I’ll be sharing tips and advice in a session titled “Improve Your Customer Journey – The best ways to improve sales at each stage”

We all know it’s easy to focus on just one element of the customer journey, but to maximise the performance of your business it’s crucial to improve performance at every stage of the customer journey. And that’s just what I’m going to be telling you about on the webinar.

Episode 264

Packhelp can help you pack your products better

Chloe says: If you want your customers to talk about your business, your products, and the buying experience – you’ve got to give them a great delivery experience. 

Packhelp create great looking boxes and packaging (that can be sustainable) that will make your unboxing experience stand out. There are some great case studies on their website – including past podcast guest Snakehive raving about their customer service and precision packaging production.

Even better you can design and order many products online AND you can order in quantities as small as 30. 

If you’re looking to improve your delivery experience you should check out what Packhelp have to offer.

Thinking of outsourcing fulfilment – checkout Huboo

Chloe says: I’m a big fan of outsourcing tasks that you shouldn’t be doing yourself. For most eCommerce retailers that’s picking, packing, and despatching your products. Why? For a small business, because you could be spending your time better doing something else, and for all businesses, because there are firms out there who specialise in it and who get access to all kinds of economies of scale that you don’t have access to.

So I’m always excited to come across a firm who does this really well, and who can help even the smallest eCommerce operation to outsource their pick back and despatch. 

One I’ve been talking to this year are Huboo – based in Bristol in the UK they have a 4.9/5 Feefo rating from their customers (WoW!) and cater to businesses of all sizes. Full pricing is available on the website so if you’re thinking about outsourcing – go and have a look, there’s a good chance it’ll be cheaper than what you do right now!

Episode 263

The eCommerce Growth Show is LIVE!!!

Chloe says: This year I’ve been working on a new podcast project with Phill Kay and the team at Segmentify – we’ve been chatting to a number of very clever people in the eCommerce space to find out some ways you make a big shift in your growth this year.

Through the series we explore the customer journey from end to end, starting with websites, passing through onsite optimisation, customer communications, payments and mobile, and finishing up with backend systems, reviews and shipping!.

Kinda amazing we fitted it all into just 6 episodes.

The first episode of the first season is live NOW, and the others will be going live weekly on Tuesdays.

Episode 262

The dotdigital Hitting The Mark Report

Chloe Says: Can’t believe it’s the 10th year of Hitting the Mark – a must read investigation into how eCommerce businesses are using online communication tools. Usually, it goes deep into email marketing, this year it’s been expanded to include the whole customer experience – specifically live chat, SMS, display ads, social media and apps!!

You can get the PDF for free (well, the cost of your email address) on the dotdigital website.

Beware Bright Shiny Object Syndrome – Appsumo*

Chloe Says: This piece of interesting stuff comes with a health warning – buying software through Appsumo can become addicted! So remember to do your due diligence – do you need it? Will it save you money? Will it improve your marketing/systems etc?

So what is it? Appsumo find the creators of great software and persuade them to make their software available for a one off, low, lifetime fee. (usually under $100). I’ve been using it for a year or so now and have bought many software tools that have enabled me to cancel other tools and saved me £100s if not £1000s. 

Current deals include social proof tools, email capture plugins, video hosting, and reporting tools.

What the * Above Means

Occasionally we’ll include links on this page that are affiliate links and earn us a little bit of money. We aim to flag all of those with a *.