Want 9,000+ orders per month? The answer is in the data! With Nick Ernst from Snap Supply (episode 348)

Nick Ernst is the co-founder at Snap Supply, an appliance replacement parts specialist that serves both the consumer and the wholesale markets. Founded in October 2017, the company is now doing over 9,000 orders per month.

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About Nick

Nick previously worked at PDQ Supply that is also in the appliance parts industry.

He pushed the idea of selling on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon but the concept wasn’t given much attention.

Eventually, the owner of PDQ told him to give it a try. Since then, he has been pushing the appliance parts they sell in the eCommerce world and on marketplaces.

About Snap Supply

  • Based in St. Charles, a town just outside of Chicago, Illinois
  • Sells and ships to US customers, both retail and wholesale
  • Shopify
  • Also sells on eBay, Amazon, and Walmart

The Team

Aside from Nick and his brother, Snap Supply has a total of 7 people on staff  handling customer service and sales, and 1 warehouse person. 

Marketing and accounting are also done in-house by their team.

Streamlining And Improving Processes With Tools

Nick and his brother knew it was important to have streamlined processes right from the start, and Brightpearl has made that possible for Snap Supply.

Their system handles all customer orders, invoicing, and more. It even automatically pushes orders directly to their warehouse which has made the whole process efficient and paperless.

Brightpearl also has an inventory management system that provides Nick great insight into what products they’re selling and in what quantities.

In using Brightpearl, manual processes have been eliminated, thereby giving Nick more time to focus on further improving the business.

Organic Marketing

Nick says that while they do use Facebook and Instagram to implement marketing campaigns, YouTube is a platform that brings in customers that are most interested in Snap Supply’s products.

They use organic marketing with video content they create, and combine it with good keywords that help Snap Supply come out on top in search engines.

More Than Just Customer Service

Snap Supply has gotten quite adept at using their customer service to listen to and understand the needs of their customers.

Concerns and issues called in are given tags so when reports are generated, it’s easy for Nick and the team to identify what the top problems are, what are most frequently asked and needed by the customers, and how these can be addressed.

Their weekly meetings at Snap Supply become training sessions where they go in depth to discuss and identify solutions for customer problems. Nick says this has made their customer service staff very well trained and therefore, valuable to the overall success of the business.

Using Data Wisely

Nick used Google Analytics in the beginning but says even with Shopify and other platforms, dashboards are there for you to use.

Get into your dashboard to see what data and information are being generated automatically for you, find out what they mean and what you can do with them.

Platforms have default dashboards for a reason, so start there and see how you can use the data that’s on-hand to improve your business.

eCommerce Book Top Tip

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip

Tool Top Tip

Growth Top Tip

  • Focus on the products that are driving your business and highlight them with your content on social media

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