Setting a new eCommerce Website with Cloudways’ eCommerce Starter Bundle

Cloudways have created a brilliant new easy way to get started with WooCommerce – that will save you HOURS of set up time AND make sure you’ve got the right plugins in place from day 1.

Chloe likes it so much it’s led to her creating a new eCommerce store to sell her books via…

Watch her set it up from scratch in this <30min video guide.

Key resources:

Get started with your eCommerce Starter Bundle here:

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Cloudways set up video

Getting started with Cloudways page

What’s covered in the video:

  • Setting up your hosting account
  • Creating your woocommerce site with eCommerce Starter bundle
  • Set up foundations: Plugin security
  • Set up foundations: URL set up
  • Set up foundations: SSL certificate set up (it’s free with Cloudways)
  • Set up foundations: Google Analytics
  • Set up foundations: Stripe
  • Personalise your site: Products
  • Personalise your site: Homepage and design

See Chloe’s site here

More about Cloudways and their awesome offer:


Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting provider that is built for online commerce.

The Cloudways team have now made it EVEN EASIER to set up a new WooCommerce site from scratch – with their all-in-one-solution the Cloudways Starter Bundle.

The Cloudways Starter Bundle offers all the essential plugins and tools to run your store smoothly from day 1. It really does make launching a new WooCommerce site super fast, and super easy so you can focus on your product, content and marketing!

Plus the Cloudways Starter Bundle is backed by fast hosting, lightning-fast 24/7 support, and on a platform that makes it all really easy for anyone to manage.

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