Rock Pamper Scissors’ Mat Braddy on m-commerce, startups, and building a marketplace (episode 067)

Mat Braddy was the founding CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of the Takeaway app Just Eat, and is now building Rock Pamper Scissors. Another mobile app and website – this time to make it easier for customer to get their haircuts, waxing, and other treatments booked online. Since launching in Leeds in 2014 they now have over 2,000 stylists on the platform across Leeds Manchester and London.

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Mat Braddy of Rock Pamper Scissors
About the business

  • eCommerce Business Structure – Online Only
  • Product Range Scale – niche
  • On a Bespoke mobile platform
  • Mat’s based in London – with a call centre based centrally in Nottingham

Listen to hear how Mat Braddy got started in eCommerce

Top Tips for Launching a Marketplace

Look first to your suppliers because it is the suppliers that will move customers on line for you if you get it right. You really need to understand your suppliers problems and create a marketplace that will help solve them.

Start from the point of view that no body cares about your idea – you need to get your suppliers on board. Start with the problem you are trying to solve and how your marketplace will assist with this.  If your suppliers are happy the business will grow because they will advocate your business. Look at ways you can utilise your supplier base to increase the audience for your offline marketing.

eCommerce Book Top Tip

A Beautiful Constraint by Adam Morgan

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip

Mat thinks that Facebook advertising is great tool for businesses, however he suggests you need to be clever about how your target your audience. Mat suggests you look for the other products that your target audience would be interested and piggy back on to those.

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Tool Top Tip

The Rock Pamper Scissors team hardly use email anymore as they use Slack – a great way to have group conversations and communicate in a far more effective way. The team use Asana as well for medium term projects but find that Slack is great for day to day running and communication for a business based across multiple locations.

Start Up Top Tip

Mat says the biggest issue with starting an eCommerce business is finance – make sure you have the backing and that you have the money in place. Mat advises to look at whether you can run it as a minimum viable product treat it as an experiment don’t treat it as life of death.

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