Resources for Grow Your Store Summit Attendees

Thank you for attending my session at the Grow Your Store Summit!

Below you’ll find some resources I think you’ll find useful, to help you craft “Powerful Promotions that Don’t Destroy your Profits” and up your marketing performance in 2022.

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Watch Chloe’s full presentation on the 5 Key Things you need to master for success in 2022

The mantra:

Golden Promotional Rule
Feel free to download and print!

Your Creative is Everything

We discuss this trend with BOTH Josh and Antoine in our recent Post-Cookie Marketing month on Keep Optimising – find all that here

And to improve your creative tune into these episodes:

  • Facebook Ads Episodes here
  • Content Marketing – esp UGC and Video marketing episodes here

On Movement Marketing… the best we’ve found on this is Chip Walker:

  • Hear our chat with him here
  • And get his book “Activate Brand Purpose: How to Harness the Power of Movements to Transform Your Company”

Interviews with the retailer case studies Chloe shared:

On Sustainability….

Get the Klaviyo blog here

Cool tools

  • Ecologi – offsetting marketplace with ZAPIER and SHOPIFY integrations
  • Ecocart – calculates and offsets each individual purchase
  • – awesome sustainability analysis for just £60 per product per year
  • Shwap – add a second hand marketplace to your store, and earn on second hand sales (and yes, it is a Shopify app!)

Cool examples:

Zero Party Data

Find out more about this crucial marketing skill in our interview with Ben Parr from Octane AI – listen here

Hear Simon from UXB talking about developing his quiz here

And make sure you’re subscribed to our Keep Optimising Podcast as we’ll be getting deeper into this in Email Marketing Month in April

Invest in Partnership Marketing

We’ve covered a LOT about this on the Keep Optimising Podcast:

  • Influencer Marketing episodes here
  • Affiliate Marketing episodes here
  • Loyalty marketing episodes includes a lot about building partnerships with your customers here the panel webinar on this page REALLY gets to the heart of it
  • Facebook Ad Partnerships – dark posting with John Hagan here

And make sure you’re subscribed to our Keep Optimising Podcast as we’ll be getting deeper into this in future episodes.

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