Resources for ‘eCommerce’s Perfect Storm: practical tips for marketing success in 2023’ with Nibble 2022

Thank you for attending my session on next year’s marketing strategies hosted by Nibble!

Below you’ll find some resources I think you’ll find useful, to help you craft your perfect Traffic that Buys Mix and up your marketing performance in 2023.

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Resources to help you this holiday season:

Stats & Reports I mentioned:

Improving Your Automated Marketing – top 3 resources

Interviews with the brands I mentioned:

Improving Your Free Marketing – top 3 obvious resources

Improving Your Free Marketing – Partnership Tips and Resources

Interviews with the brands I mentioned:

Improving your Paid Marketing – the top 3 resources

  • It’s got to be Facebook Ads episodes – including a BIT focus on improving creativity AND tools to understand empathy
  • Google Ads episodes
  • AND our brand new TikTok masterclass is here

Improving your Promotions

The mantra:

Golden Promotional Rule
Feel free to download and print!
  • Hear Chloe discuss in more detail in this episode
  • And if you fancy testing a negotiation chatbot … website is here – connect with Rosie here

Improving your Connection to your Customers

Interviews with the retailers I mentioned:

Doing Better with your Banking (an easy, big impact, sustainability shift):

  • The stats I shared are from MyMoneyTree – a brilliant site to help you improve your personal banking impact get the graphic here
  • I’ve shifted our business banking to the following, saving us money, and the planet from harm:
  • Find all our net zero updates here

Podcasts and Books

Keep Optimising Marketing Podcast

Keep Optimising Podcast

Each month a different topic. Every Weds a new Expert Interview

ecommerce marketing: how to get traffic that buys to your website by chloe thomas

Bestselling Book

Kindle, Paperback, and Audiobook

ecommerce masterplan podcast

eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast

Every Monday an interview with an eCommerce retailer.