How Priory Direct is Changing B2B eCommerce with Sustainable Packaging  (episode 482)

Josh Pitman is the Managing Director at Priory Direct, purveyor of Planet Friendly packaging, and certified B Corp. Founded in 2006, Priory Direct is the eCommerce side of the Priory Business Group. Running sales via their bespoke website, and customer service team, they now supply over 21,000 UK businesses. 

Josh Pitman Priory Direct on eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast

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Dive in:

[02:44] Josh’s eCommerce journey. 
[05:49] Transition from eager marketing to validated sustainability. 
[07:24] Successful B Corp certification, achieved with pride. 
[09:51] Sustainability means people, planet, and profit. 
[14:29] Packaging efficiency saves money and promotes sustainability. 
[17:49] New job titles reflect changing stakeholder needs. 
[19:25] eCommerce brands struggle with physical world impact. 
[20:47] Josh’s Top Tips! 

Customer Feedback as a Catalyst for Change 

The pivot to becoming an eCommerce packaging business was significantly influenced by Priory Direct’s customer feedback. Josh says that listening to customers plays an important role in the development and evolution of a business. By conducting an exit basket survey, Josh discovered what their customers were doing with the labels they were selling. This prompted a strategic shift that propelled the business forward. 

Sustainability and Purpose-Driven Business 

Josh says the shift towards sustainability and becoming a B Corp was not immediate. It stemmed from a period of self-reflection and a desire to find the company’s purpose. Inspired by Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why,” he sought to define what made his work meaningful. A personal encounter with plastic pollution led him to redefine the company’s mission. Minimizing the environmental impact of eCommerce became the goal. This pushed the company towards sustainability. The decision wasn’t easy, especially as it required convincing others without strong external encouragement. Looking back, Josh says he has few regrets about the transition. However, he adds that he could have spent more time communicating the vision to bring everyone along on the sustainability journey more effectively. 

Becoming a B Corp and Its Impact 

The decision to become a B Corp marked a significant milestone for Priory Direct. Josh shares his experience with the certification process, emphasizing its comprehensive impact on every aspect of the business. He debunks the misconception that a business might be too small or too large for B Corp certification. He adds that the B Impact Assessment’s 90 questions provide a clear, manageable roadmap for improvement. Going through the process showed that Priory Direct was already implementing many good practices. However, they hadn’t formally documented them. The B Corp certification not only formalized these initiatives but also brought to light the many positive actions the company was already taking. 

Charity Rewards Program 

Priory Direct’s charity rewards program illustrates an innovative approach to corporate social responsibility and customer engagement. Customers can donate 1% of their spending to charity partners, a move that has raised over 67,000 pounds for charity. This has also increased customer loyalty. Such initiatives prove sustainability and social responsibility can be integrated into business models without extra costs. Additionally, they’ve allowed customers to contribute to rainforest protection with their orders. This shows how businesses can create positive environmental and social impacts in cost-effective ways. 

Market Shift Towards Sustainability 

Josh expresses his enthusiasm for the potential within the packaging industry to both reduce costs and enhance sustainability. Improving efficiency and reducing waste are not only beneficial for the environment but can also positively impact a company’s bottom line. There are opportunities available for businesses to implement more sustainable practices without incurring additional expenses. There’s also a significant shift in customer engagement towards sustainability. This is driven by increased awareness and demand for sustainable packaging solutions. The change has led to a broader range of stakeholders seeking eco-friendly packaging options, showing a substantial evolution in the market’s approach to sustainability. 

eCommerce Book Top Tip

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip

  • SEO

Tool Top Tip

  • Trello project management tool

Carbon Top Tip

  • Conduct a comprehensive life cycle assessment to identify areas for improvement in your business. Seek collaboration and learn from peers within your industry who have already undertaken sustainability efforts. Sharing innovations and strategies is a win-win especially when addressing environmental challenges. 

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