Preview ebook now available “eCommerce MasterPlan: An Introduction to Selling Online”

Today is a very exciting day for me – the mini-ebook I’ve written as a preview to my book is available right now on both Amazon and itunes.

eCommerce MasterPlan an Introduction to Selling Online

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Why should you buy the mini-ebook preview?

Firstly because it’s packed full of really useful information for anyone interested in succeeding with eCommerce.

It explains the 7 types of eCommerce Business Structure, and the importance for a USP in eCommerce – to make sure you stand out from the crowd. The mini-ebook will help you identify what your eCommerce Business Structure is, and your USP. Then it explains which are the key marketing methods you should be using to make your eCommerce business successful. Finally, there are 2 case studies to help illustrate how it all works.

Why wouldn’t you want this right now?

So it’s the only place you can get this content until the full book is published in September – why wait?

Why shouldn’t I just wait for the whole book and buy that in September?

If you buy the ebook-preview, you’ll find details in the back that explain how you can get the price of the ebook off the price of the real book – so you’ll basically be getting the ebook for free – so what’s stopping you?

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Extra Freebie’s:

As if all that wasn’t enough – the first person to review the ebook on Amazon will get a copy of the full book for free as soon as it’s published. Just email me with a link to your review.