Powerful Offline Marketing from Online-Only Made.com

Whilst more expensive than sending an email, a well-crafted piece of direct mail can drive lots of sales for any eCommerce business. I’m sure the recent mailing I received from Made.com will have worked well for them:

Made.com Letter(click on the image to see it full size) I received the letter because I’ve previously bought from Made.com, the aim of the letter isn’t for me to buy again, rather it’s for me to get my friends to become customers.

So stuck to the letter are 2 gift cards, each worth £15 if my friend spends over £50. The cards are personalised too “a gift from CHLOE” is written top left, and with a code bottom left. I’m pretty sure the code’s unique to me, as the letter explains that if my friends use the card then I’ll get £15 off too. (Oh, if you want £15 off the code’s J3NQACQJ). I think the cards are a great thing to include because:

  • They seem high value (better than just a code to give people), which fits with Made.com’s brand
  • They are personalised, which will encourage me to give them to friends, and the friends to hold onto them and use them
  • Made.com sell furniture – not something you buy unless you need it, so to have the robust plastic cards which will survive in a handbag for a few months is a great advantage

The letter is also very well crafted, it comes from the Founder Ning Li, and opens focusing on how they want to make their customers happy, and how they hope I’m happy with the products I’ve bought. They also remind me of the great savings from high street prices. The letter also includes details of how I can refer more friends via social media (made.com/refer).

Made.com Letter ReverseThen, as if the contents of the letter weren’t enough, Made.com have decorated the back of the letter too – featuring 9 products, including their prices and savings off high street equivalents. This is a really strong piece of DM – using personalisation and a simple message.