The power of a clear focus on SEO and the right Content

It was a real pleasure to interview Nick Griffiths of Any Old Lights, not least because of the clear marketing focus of his business.

Since 2015 their website turnover has grown 5x to £25,000 per month. All because they’ve focused on putting together the products and content the customer wants, and driving their SEO performance.

You can hear the whole interview here, but here’s a summary of Nick’s key SEO tips:

Blogging is essential.

It creates new content for the website on a regular basis (which Google loves), and enables you to cover lots of extra keywords.

Any Old Lights aim to blog 2-3 times per week. Check out how they’re doing here.

Create a great About Us page.

Customers need to know who you are to trust you and buy from you. They want to see the faces behind the business.

Nick and his business partner Patrick initially hid behind a basic bland page, but that was a big mistake – they’ve gone through 3-4 rewrites to create this great new About Us page that has a positive impact on sales.

Research your keywords

Use Google keywords planner to find out which are the keywords with the most volume.

But also look for the keywords that lead to the purchase!

Use a simple rank checking tool – and check up on your competitors too

Nick recommends Wincher

You can track 100 keywords for free.