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Every Monday we bring you an interview with an inspiring founder. Full of tips, ideas, and things that will get you thinking!

“Truth, Integrity, Passion. Chloe cuts through the hype and brings value to us as we build and grow our businesses globally.”
Jonesy Money, USA, Review on Apple Podcasts

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About our eCommerce Podcast

We’ve been producing the eCommerce MasterPlan podcast since 2015! 

The aim has never changed – to share inspiring and insightful stories of how other eCommerce business have gone about growing. 

So every week we interview a different retailer (or occasionally an author or expert) to find out what they’ve been up to, and get them to share advice that will help you plot a better, faster, route to growth.

Our Host Chloe Thomas

Chloe is the brains behind the show, and has been in eCommerce for nearly 20 years. Initially she worked brand-side for a UK high-street/mail-order/online gift retailer where she totally got the eCommerce bug.

In her next post (the kid-in-the-candy-shop-role) she got to introduce eCommerce marketing to a group of mail order brands. Then she took all she’d learnt there and founded a marketing agency that she ran for 9 years and 11 months.

The sale of the agency has allowed Chloe to focus full time on helping as many eCommerce brands as possible to make better marketing decisions. 

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Reviews of the eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast

Must listen for anyone in eCom: By far the best podcast on eCom and business in general.

spineryan, Apple Podcasts

One of the 15 Best Podcasts That Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Should Be Listening To

Referral Candy

There are few podcasts that are as insightful as this one. The format of the show is fantastic and fresh. Keep up the good work!

Rfgdsdggjfg, Apple Podcasts