Ask Chloe! Answers to your questions, inc Email marketing, About us pages, Startups and more (episode 100)

What a milestone! Episode number 100.

A huge thank you to all who’ve listened, spread the word, given me feedback and of course to the guests as well. Launching the podcast was a great idea, but a leap into the unknown I had no idea if it would work or not. So it’s great to reach episode 100

(technically the 115th episode we’ve released, and very nearly 2 years since we launched).

Normally it’s all about the interviews, or the conference takeaways,- but since the “Ask Chloe” session in episode 50 went down so well, I thought I’d do it again for episode 100.

This time the SIX questions have come from the members of the eCommerce MasterPlan World Facebook group – it’s totally free to join.

The Six questions cover marketing, startups, copy-writing, organisation, conferences, Facebook and more. The questions and askers are detailed below, you’ll have to listen to hear the answers!

Keep Optimising!


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ask chloe podcast 100
The Ask Chloe Questions:

Q1: What are your recommendations for conferences/seminars/workshops that a beginner eCommerce owner should attend?

Asked by: Andre Nguyen of Spctcl

Visit our eCommerce events page

Answer covers UK USA and Europe! 

Did I miss something? Add it in the comments.

Q2: What makes a great ‘about us’ page?

Asked by: Sarah Foley, from Kmart in Australia

Q3: I would be curious about what is the single most important thing that can be done to drive sales. AND What’s the best way to increase site visitors?

Asked by: Charlene Jacka of Clay Space

Q4: What is the ONE most IMPORTANT THING a one person business – with lack of time – as they do the website, marketing, accounting, product development, photography, sewing the bespoke products to order etc < you get the idea! 🙂 in terms of MARKETING? p.s. please no one mention delegate 🙂 – I love what I do, and believe doing it all myself actually saves time and HASSLE in the long run! 🙂

Asked by: Sarah Bayly 2 Green Monkeys (handmade personalised baby gifts in the UK)

Q5: What’s the single most common mistake you see eCommerce startups make?

Asked by: Sara Jones of One Eyed Cat Online Marketing

Q6: What is the best template design for emails that actually generate product sales?
Are lifestyle images of products in use more effective than manufacturer product shots?
Should we take our own photography to differentiate ourselves from competitors?
Any email design tips to improve conversions.

Asked by: Mike Gosheron hoobam

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