Kajetan Wyrzykowski Head of Content at Packhelp on B2B eCommerce business and your content strategy (episode 274)

Kajetan Wyrzykowski is the Head of Content at Packhelp. A B2B eCommerce business selling bespoke packaging supplies to companies including H&M, Google, Wrangler, T Mobile and more. They launched in 2016 and now have over 16,000 customers and make over half a million boxes a quarter. We talk about your content strategy, the importance of customer personas, and Kajetan shares a lot of great tips!

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About Kajetan

Kajetan started his career in marketing and initially worked at a PR agency and then transitioned to digital marketing. Those positions did not have an eCommerce component and it was only when he went to Canada on an exchange program that he decided he wanted to shift into something different so he applied to a start up there.

That startup was Packhelp where he was quickly hired and has since grown up alongside the company as it quickly grew to one of the biggest B2B companies in Poland. Getting in on the ground level meant that Kajetan did everything marketing related in the early days, from social media to blog posts. As the company grew his role became more specific and he has been able to sharpen his expertise in a more singular way. 

About the Company

  • Located in Poland
  • Sells primarily in Europe and is focused on growing into the larger European markets
  • Opened to USA, Canada and Australia this year
  • Bespoke platform 
  • 100+ people on the team
  • Business is in house, with remote content writers and vendors worldwide

Packhelp’s Start Up Story

The founders of Packhelp were essentially their own first use case. They worked together in a marketing agency and wanted a bespoke packaging solution for one of their clients and couldn’t find it anywhere.

One time orders and small quantities were very difficult to fulfill at the time and so they started Packhelp to fill the gap in the market. Even though they started by working primarily with small businesses, it didn’t take long to attract attention from the big guys as well, which Kajetan says is a major focus for the company today. 

Creating Quality Content

Kajetan says that many companies overlook the value of content. It’s rarely mentioned as something that’s important for up and coming entrepreneurs and he says that there aren’t a lot of great content writers and it can be difficult to measure the value of different types of content.

Just keeping track of content distributed in many different ways through many different channels can be difficult. Packhelp is data driven, but they also recognize that it can be difficult to measure some types of content.  As someone who has worked for years as a content writer, Kajetan is familiar with how challenging it can be to brief a content writer so they can make valuable content.

One of the biggest challenges is getting that writer to really understand the customer avatar. Without understanding who you are speaking to, Kajetan says content is useless. All the content that Packhelp creates is meant to educate their customers and help them in some way.

Currently, he’s focusing on how to grow their offer for bigger companies and understand how to communicate best with them. They have been focusing on creating detailed case studies and have been paying special attention to how their product is helping customers with cost effectiveness. 

Channel or Content First?

Content and channels should really grow side by side and Kajetan strives to get the right content in the right place so that it can reach people in a way that is helpful to them.

Often Kajetan starts with a channel he thinks might be a good space for the company and then begins to unpack exactly what people are looking for on that channel. Recently, Kajetan has been growing the company on Linkedin and is excited about the progress there. 

eCommerce Book Top Tip

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip

  • Focus on SEO. Closely monitor website performance. 
  • Have a good strategy around Ad Words
  • Linkedin brings cool results. Not many eCommerce businesses are well represented
  • Facebook is getting overly saturated, but Instagram is still a great resource

Tool Top Tip

Growth Top Tip

  • Referrals. Bigger companies like Airbnb  and Uber grew largely through referrals.

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