Newton Running’s Steve Honight $1m+ turnover using licensed products for wholesale and eCommerce (episode 098)

Steve Honight is UK Brand Manager for Newton Running. Newton Running is an American business who design, wholesale, and retail their running shoes. The business launched in the UK on 2009, and has been managed by Steve and his team for the last 2 years looking after both the wholesale and website sales in the UK, Steve’s business turns over $1million per year, including over 2000 direct to consumer ecommerce orders.  In addition, he sells on a multi-brand site called New Running Gear.

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About the business

  • eCommerce Business Structure – Online Only
  • Product Range Scale – niche
  • Based in the UK, selling across Europe
  • Newton Running
    • is on Magento
  • New Running Gear
  • Key widgets and plugins:
    • Any Shopify App by Bold
    • Criteek for video reviews
    • InstaPic phone app for Instgram promotions
    • Xero
  • Team are completely remote working – there’s 5 of them in total. Focused on marketing, customer services, accounting and whole sale.
  • Outsourced – warehouse, fulfilment, and tech
  • Plus a lot outsourced to automation.

Listen to learn why customer reviews are important and how Criteek takes reviewing to the next level.

Steve set up a distribution company in the UK called Alchemy NRG, which licenses products for a geographic region. He holds exclusive distribution rights to a number of brands, from wholesale products to physical and online retailers. He also manages online direct sales for the brands through branded platforms (such as Newton Running) or through his multi-brand site, New Running Gear.

Listen to learn how having one site to sell multiple brands works.

Retailing with Wholesale Customers

Steve doesn’t believe that they are competing with their own customers, and all his customers are free to sell the products at whatever price is right for them. Generally speaking, wholesale customers select a range of products that work well for their customer base. However, Steve’s offer to consumers is the full product range from all their brands alongside each other.

Listen to learn why Steve is indifferent to where consumers buy his products.

Most Awesome Thing Right Now

Steve is passionate about running and the Newton Running brand, and he’s personally excited for some of the products they have coming up. Cool new products are coming out almost every month next year, and they have a solid release planned in terms of new products. He’s also excited to continue to automate as much as possible.

Listen to hear more about how….

Email Tips

For email, Steve uses Bronto and Mailchimp. The most important thing is to customize and segment the database so that emails are relevant to the people reading them.

Listen to learn why it’s important to tailor emails to the consumer reading them.

eCommerce Book Top Tip

Steve also recommends listening to books on Audible instead of reading them. Practice listening to them at two or three times the normal speed. You can get through more books, and all the information still gets to you.

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip

  • Direct consumer email list

Listen to learn ways to grow your email list.

Tool Top Tip

  • WhatsApp for easy, continuous conversations

Start Up Top Tip

  • Research Shopify.
  • Look into using Amazon FBA to take a lot of headache away from warehousing and shipping.
  • Use Steve’s cousin Nathan Bankhead as a web designer!

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