Capitalising on opportunity by being EVERYWHERE – Jane Mason of Natural Birthing Company (episode 151)

Jane Mason is the Managing Director at Natural Birthing Company. An award winning range of natural products designed by midwives to soothe the journey from bump to baby. Selling both direct to customers via their website, and to many retailers including UK high street giants Holland & Barrett and Boots. They launched in 2014 and grew 60% in the last year, and are aiming for a £500k turnover in the coming year.

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About the business

Listen to hear about the wide range of plugins they use.

Getting Started

A former midwife, Jane was originally providing classes to expectant mothers. When she went to a baby show, she decided to design and take along some products to hopefully earn back some of the fees she had to pay in order to be in the show. She was blown away by the women’s reactions to the products and quickly realized that she would need to get eCommerce going on her website so she could sell the products across the country.

The products are to help women and support them through pregnancy and the things concerning pregnancy and labor that people don’t talk about.

Retailers started showing an interest, but Jane had taken a massive range to that first show. She decided to slim down the product range to the four core products that they currently sell. They also sell the products as gift set bundles.

Listen to learn how the value of a gift set is more than the value of the individual pieces.

Midwife-Approved Products

When slimming down the product line, Jane immediately cut out the baby items. “Midwife” means “with woman,” and it was the woman that Jane wanted to support. Everyone focuses on baby products, but the mothers often get forgotten. Jane shifted the focus to the mother, who is the important one, and used her knowledge of what women go through day in and day out and down below, including the aftermath. Midwives don’t whisper about these things, and that’s what sets Natural Birthing Company apart from other companies who prefer not to discuss such things.

The ebook is also aimed at the pregnant woman and includes lots of information about pregnancy and birth, including what to pack in your bag, how to get yourself through labor, positions to try, and other tricks for labor. Additionally, there’s a birthing survival guide for the woman’s partner.


In addition to her own website, Jane sells on Not on the High Street, Amazon, eBay, TradeMe, Newegg, Holland & Barrett, Boots, and more, as well as in independent pharmacies, health food shops, and baby shops.

Although the more the merrier, listen to learn why Jane is mindful of which retailers she sells through.

The Team

Natural Birthing Company has a unique team setup. Jane’s co-director has his own company, and his team for his other company manages the website for Natural Birthing Company.

Listen to learn more about this unique setup, and Jane’s focus within it.

Most Awesome Thing Right Now

Since their launch, Natural Birthing Company has always had a natural product, always been cruelty-free, always been vegan, and always had recyclable packaging. Now those things are coming into fashion. Being vegan and cruelty-free has recently become massive. Jane is excited that her brand has been doing this for years, and they are leading the way on this kind of sustainable product. While everyone else scrambles to tick those boxes, she’s had them ticked for years and can show that to her customers.

Jane is also excited about the expertise and support that she can bring to women. Many brands are just doing it to make money, and while we do all need to make money, Jane’s focus is on supporting and helping women through these issues.

Wholesale Partners

While other companies who sell their products through retailers and partners often put restrictions on those partners, Jane instead hands the reins over to them and lets them get on with it. Big companies with money behind them can pay for the Google ads, and if they sell her product well, they’ll buy more from her. This not only raises her brand awareness in many places, but also lets the big retailers who can spend thousands of pounds and have entire teams to spend loads of time on social media and Google ads just do it, while she plays to her own strengths.

eCommerce Book Top Tip

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip

  • Spread the marketing.
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Use influencers if you can.

You can hear about all this on the podcast, for free – right now…

Tool Top Tip

  • Good teamwork
  • Good communication

Growth Top Tip

Have lots of different marketing avenues, such as blogs, guest bloggers, Youtube videos, social media, influencers, and competitions. Get your customer service right. The UK doesn’t always have a good reputation for customer service, so get that nice and tight. Be quick to respond to people, be nice and polite, and sort out any issues. It’s also important to get reviews and testimonials from your customers.

Interview Links

Use code ‘masterplan’ at the Natural Birthing Company’s website during your checkout for a special 10% discount. Natural Birthing Company provides free postage on anything over £10