My Top 3 Adwords Filters [Guest Post]

This the second in our series of Adwords blogs written by Guest Blogger Matt Gilbert. In this one Matt’s going to introduce you to a handful of Adwords Filters you can use to make optimising your account quicker and easier.

The Adwords interface is packed full of great features that allow you to use your time more efficiently. One of the most powerful features for data analysis is the filtering tool. This is even more the case when you start working with mid to large scale accounts.

Often when looking at campaign, adgroup, or keyword performance the standard approach is to download a full set of data and then get yourself knee deep in Excel sifting through it all, sorting by the metrics you care about, just to get the data you need for your specific analysis.

Filters allow you to save time on this and focus on just the data you really care about. Even better, you can save filters. This means you can rerun them again at your convenience, and keep your analysis consistent over time.

It’s good to have a few great filters in your back pocket when looking at where you can improve the performance of your PPC account. Here are 3 of my favourites.

1) Good Converters with Poor Positions
This filter is great for finding the hidden gems in your account. If your keywords are converting in low positions they could be doing even better near the top of the page.

2) High Spend, Non-Converters
If you’re an eCommerce site you should be wary of spending budget on keywords that are not converting. Using this filter you can quickly identify the worst offenders.

3) High Cost Per Conversion
Fine tune your converting keywords by looking at those with a high conversion cost. If your cost per conversion is higher than your return in sales you need to consider taking appropriate action.

There are countless filter combinations, if you have any great ones you’d like to share please do discuss below.