Chloe’s Top 7 Marketing Persuasion Books to Read Over the Summer (episode 57)

Last year I did an episode about the 5 books I think every eCommerce Business Person should consider reading to get them ready for 2016 – and it remains one of our most popular episodes. So today, as summer approaches (in the northern hemisphere at least!) I’m going to take you through another reading list.

This time it’s My top 7 marketing manipulation books to be read over the Summer.

I don’t think you should read all 7 this summer, you know I’m all about efficiency and focus! Rather you should listen to this review then pick the one that best meets your challenges and opportunities for what’s left of 2016.

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Books for Summer

The Marketing Manipulation Books for Summer are:

The 7 books are (click to go straight to Amazon):

Competition – closed, sorry you’re too late