Chloe’s Marketing Launch Framework (episode 362)

There’s not enough companies in eCommerce embracing ‘launches’ – so as an end-of-year special we’re sharing our host Chloe Thomas being interviewed about the Marketing Launch Framework.

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Defining “Launch”

Many have this limited idea that a launch strategy is only used when a business goes live.

It’s a big marketing event, and it’s anything that your customer will deem as newsworthy. This includes:

  • New range releases
  • New seasons
  • New products
  • New colorway of a best-selling item
  • Or a new brand being brought into the mix

A launch can also be used to introduce loyalty programs, or a new movement your brand is supporting such as sustainability.

Are You Ready To launch?

When you understand your customer and you know what they consider newsworthy, there are other factors to consider before deciding to launch:

  • Timing: Because a launch isn’t just a one day event, make sure you can allocate enough time on your calendar to sustain the campaign.
  • Messaging: Find out if you have enough to say for the duration of the activity and keep the excitement levels up.

Successful Launches

Looking at brands that have done successful launches, there are two elements that go into their campaign, apart from the newsworthy component:

  • One, they’re well-prepared: All teams, whether involved in the launch in a big way or not, know what the objectives are and the message they want to deliver. They also have a plan for execution which means each one knows what to do.
  • Two, the energy level is there: The team has the enthusiasm and excitement around what’s happening because without it, the launch can go flat.

Launch Must-Haves

The foundational pieces for a good launch are:

  • Email marketing
  • Advertising
  • A good landing page on your website
  • New channels to test

Getting Everyone On Board

Within the company or the business, it’s also important to have everyone aligned on the launch objectives and activities.

Bring your people in when you start hatching the idea, and not when you already have a laundry list for them to do.

Let everyone know why the launch is happening, and their involvement in the whole process no matter how small. When they know what’s going on and what the business wants to achieve, they can provide the support you will need.

How you communicate with the different teams will depend on what works for each unit. Find the best way to talk to them and make sure they understand and get on board with the launch strategy.

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Nothing much has changed in eCommerce for the last 2 decades in the sense that brands are still trying to get customers to buy their products.

What’s significant is the available technology, which not only provides for better customer experiences but also lowers the entry barriers to doing eCommerce.

Looking ahead, what we can look forward to is marketers becoming more creative again. With more focus on sustainability and having that emotional connection with your audience, moving algorithms, and cookie and privacy issues, there’s more reason to get brand messaging right and this takes creativity.

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