Serial eCommerce Growth Hacker Mario Nawfal talks marketing as lego bricks (episode 297)

Mario Nawfal started his first eCommerce business Froothie in 2013 with just $300 in the bank, and since then has grown multiple eCommerce businesses that range from “Guilt-free box” a healthy snacks food subscription service, to Commercial Blenders Australia which–sells blenders to businesses. Together they achieve over 8 figures a year.

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Getting Started

Mario was studying banking and finance at University when he saw a video of a young boy who had made a million dollars through online videos. He dropped out of college and got the first job he could find.

That job happened to be door to door sales selling water filters. Even though Mario is a private person, he says that selling door to door was  incredibly useful and taught him how to talk to people.

He started testing out other products using the same method, which is how he came to understand there was a need for less expensive blenders. He launched Froothie, which was immediately successful and even reached seven figures in its first year.

Follow the Money

Mario’s motto is ‘follow the money. He says that business is all about validating your idea and doubling down when it works.

Being able to see trends and capitalize on the right timing is the most powerful way to start a successful business. When it comes to growing successful businesses fast, Mario says it’s like building a lego building.

Everything happens in a logical sequence and each piece increases conversion rate. Once you create great conversion, you naturally give your business more money and can invest in better marketing, better conversion and more sales. 

Growth Hacking

Mario loves finding blue oceans that are not typical channels which he says are amazing places to  engage and convert clients. Reddit is a favorite, but Mario says there are tons of amazing opportunities that work even better.

One of his favorites ways to connect with and convert new customers is using an app called Phantombuster which allows you to DM an entire group on facebook or any other channel — even if it’s your competitors group!


Mario says successful upselling has two primary components:

  1. Offer the same or very similar products at a small discount
  2. Offer a related offer


  1. Remove negative reviews: Throw fairness away. There is no fairness in reviews. Recognize that a single review is usually worth more than the item someone is complaining about.
  2. To get reviews — ask via emails and even offer a small gift. This can also be done by messenger.
  3. Ask happy customers to leave a review.

The Team

Mario does everything in house. He even started a marketing agency called We Are Growth Hackers, which he launched simply in order to get talent he could use for his own business.

Mario recommends working with smaller agencies and keep an eye of the talent, because companies poach talents

eCommerce Podcast Top Tip

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip

Tool Top Tip

  • Asana — Don’t rely on your memory to do anything

Growth Top Tip

  • See what marketing channels work
  • Expand your product range

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