Measure the Carbon Footprint of Your Marketing with Jaye Cowle, Founder of Launch (episode 425)

Jaye Cowle has been driving marketing for consumer-facing brands since 2004, and for the last 10 years she has done this via her multi-award-winning agency Launch – the paid media agency for ambitious businesses where her goal is to build the happiest performance agency.

Jaye Cowle Launch on eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast

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About Jaye

Jaye got into the world of eCommerce marketing over ten years ago out of her need for flexibility after having kids.

She became a specialist in paid media after realizing it was where she could make a big impact in marketing. And right now, Jaye says, the media landscape is more interesting than it’s ever been.

Marketing’s Carbon Impact

The average website’s carbon cost is estimated at 1.76 grams for every page view. For 100,000 page views per month, that translates to over 2,000 kilograms of carbon for just one website. And Jaye says there are different ways you can improve that impact.

It’s fortunate that the next generation of marketers is more conscious about what they do and how they impact the planet. They’re more inclined to talk about marketing strategies that are efficient and less wasteful. And now more than ever, it makes sense for businesses to reduce waste. They will have a better impact on the planet and also be able to spend more time on their messaging and creativity.

Educating Businesses on the Cost of Carbon

Jaye says businesses should start understanding how the cost of carbon also costs money. There’s a need to educate retailers about the metrics that matter, and this isn’t only about looking at how many website visitors you get.

There could be plenty of wasteful things on your website that have a carbon impact and drive irrelevant traffic, and they have to be removed.

Again, remember to measure the things that matter and not just the things you see.

Improving Carbon Footprint in Marketing

To make improvements on your carbon footprint as well as your cost and output, start with things you have full control over, such as your website.
There are great tools you can get online, and Jaye mentions the British Interactive Media Association or BIMA, where there are available resources and links to check the sustainability of your website. But Jaye says you have to educate yourselves on this topic, and because it is important, it should be prioritized by businesses.

eCommerce Book Top Tip

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip

  • Get on any platform that is video-based, such as YouTube or Pinterest, because video marketing is effective and accessible. An additional tip from Jaye is to make sure your video is unskippable. The first 5 seconds are crucial, and the whole video should be true to your brand.

Tool Top Tip

  • Go offline, sit back, and be more reflective. Jaye suggests The 6-Minute Diary, that not only keeps you on track with your goals but also teaches you the importance of gratitude and generosity

Growth Top Tip

  • Be clear on your purpose. This will enable you to cut through the noise faster and stretch your marketing budget further.

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