Side hustle to 150% profitable growth with a team of 3, how did Eliska from Sparkle Moments do it? (episode 344)

Eliska Krajickova is the co-founder of Sparkle Moments. A Czech Republic minimalist jewelry brand founded in 2018 it’s now on track for £80k this year, with growth at 150% YoY.

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How Eliška Got Into eCommerce

After her studies, Eliška started working as a marketing specialist for a fashion brand in the UK but eventually transferred back to the Czech Republic to work for a big startup focused on fashion.

While working there as a project manager, Eliška started her side hustle — a jewelry business she named Sparkle Moments. It began as a way to fill in a gap when she was searching for bridesmaid gifts and couldn’t find any.

Since then, Sparkle Moments has become a full-on jewelry business that’s getting bigger every year.

About Sparkle Moments

  • Based in the Czech Republic
  • Sells to customers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Shoptet platform

Sparkle Moments used to be on WooCommerce but since moving to Shoptet, it has tripled its conversion rate, making it a significant move for the brand.

The Team

Eliška has two other colleagues on the team.

While she takes care of bringing in customers, her business partner focuses on making the jewelry and handles customer service, which also includes customer retention.

The third member of the team provides administrative support.

Organic Growth On Instagram

Eliška has found success with organic traffic on Instagram, where she says their target customers are.

Creating Reels that show what it’s like behind the scenes at Sparkle Moments — from making the jewelry, to promoting a new collection, and even funny ones showing them as just regular moms having coffee — has garnered the brand a following that continues to grow, and also drives brand awareness.

It’s also on Instagram that Eliška and her partner are able to provide personalized customer service. Direct messages from customers are replied to with personal videos that delight their audience and give off a certain appeal that generic responses can’t provide.

Being authentic and relatable on social media has allowed the brand to connect with their customers, build relationships with them, and drive organic growth.

What’s In Sparkle Moments’ Future?

So much is in store at Sparkle Moments.

They have a new collection coming out showcasing Eliška’s work on metal stamps they’re going to use for personalizing jewelry.

They’ve also created a new product range of accessories including purses, notebooks, and key chains that can be personalized with the customer’s name. Eliška hopes this new line will help with the retention of existing customers.

Lastly for this year, Sparkle Moments has prepared something special for their Christmas campaign, targeted at providing an easy shopping and gift-giving experience.

The VIP Club

Sparkle Moments has a VIP club wherein members are given extra care.

They’ve partnered with other local brands from their city to send VIP members packages with jewelry pieces that cannot be purchased on the website. Members also receive emails from Eliška’s private email and receive text messages for special events such as birthdays.

Club members are also given discounts on new collections, which in itself is a great benefit since the brand doesn’t do any seasonal sales except on Eliška’s birthday.

eCommerce Book Top Tip

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip

  • Organic from social media and specifically Instagram for Sparkle Moments

Tool Top Tip

Growth Top Tip

  • Have a really healthy business from the beginning. Get your prices and your margins right and maintain a healthy profit.

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