It’s All About the Images [Infographic]

ecommerce_infographic_of_the_weekIt’s time for another eCommerce Infographic.

With webinars and speaking engagements this week I feel like I’ve spent the whole week discussing Content Marketing – which is great because it’s one of the best things you can be adding to your site to increase your ecommerce traffic this year. So here’s an infographic all about why great images are important.

I’ve gathered a few infographics about images on my pinboards but this is the one that packs the most in whilst keeping it all easy to understand!

The key areas it touches on are:

  • The sorts of content where images make the biggest impact
  • How to use your images to get the biggest impact (including SEO tips)
  • How images can impact on eCommerce sales – including that 67% of consumers say image quality is very important to their purchase decisions
  • How images can help you in social media too

So, if you’re sitting on the fence with Content, or need to convince someone that it’s a good ares to invest time or money in – then this is an infographic you just have to take a look at!

Thanks to MDG Advertising for creating this one. You can read their blog post about it here.