Is great customer service important to you? Then be FAST! [eCommerce infographics]

This week not one, but 2 infographics for you!

The next / current customer service battle ground is speed of response, by all channels. These 2 infographics outline the customer expectation AND just how much you can gain if you meet the customers needs.

  • Average response on Facebook and Twitter is just 20% – 80% of customer comments requiring a reply get ignored!
  • On Facebook the average response is 15 hours
  • On Twitter slightly better at 8 hours
  • BUT 42% of customer expect a response within 60 minutes!
  • HUGE opportunity for you to create loyal customers and win new customers.
  • In fact it’s estimated that the average call center would save $276,000 with just a 1% improvement in response to the first call

How do you do it?

  • Provide the right self service materials – make it easy for the customer to find the answer themselves, then you’re answering in 0 seconds!
  • Speed up response times across social media and email – get back to the customer fast. That might mean more training for your team, or more team…

Here’s the 2 infographics:

Why the smartest brands race to respond to consumers on social

Social customer service