Introversion Software’s Mark Morris a look at selling software online – fascinating! Must listen. (episode 105)

Mark Morris is the Managing Director of Introversion Software a highly respected independent game developer and publisher. Since launching in 2001 they’ve brought 5 critically acclaimed video games to market – including the BAFTA award winning Prison Architect, which has sold over 2 million copies to date.

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About the business

Listen to learn about why Introversion Software switched from osCommerce to SendOwl, and about how Steam works.

Getting Started

When Mark was in University back in 2001, there was a new business competition in which writing a business plan could win a person ten thousand pounds. While he had no interest in starting a business, he certainly had an interest in trying to win ten thousand pounds. He spoke to a friend who had spent two years writing a video game called Uplink, and another friend who wanted to be an entrepreneur and had studied business models, and proposed teaming up to write a plan that would take the game to market. If they won, they’d split the ten thousand pounds three ways.

They submitted their business plan to burn CDs of the game, print out labels and jackets, take orders online, and mail the discs out to people all over the world.

Although they didn’t get ten thousand pounds, they did get a business plan that only required them to invest about two hundred pounds each to get started. So they did it, and Introversion Software was born.

Most Awesome Thing Right Now

Introversion Software is on the cusp of releasing another game, and Mark is excited about the prospect of releasing a game that could bring entertainment to millions of people. People have told him that Introversion Software games are the best they’ve ever played, and being able to be that important in someone else’s life is awesome.

Listen to learn about Introversion Software’s most popular game, Prison Architect.

eCommerce Book Top Tip

  • Instead of reading a book, Mark suggests reading a Myers-Briggs Personality Profiler to learn about your employees. Employees are a company’s best asset, so learn how to care for them.

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip

  • Youtube streamers (not ads).

Listen to learn how sponsored game streamers can boost a game’s sales tenfold.

Tool Top Tip

  • Google Docs, Calendar, and Analytics
  • Skype
  • Amazon Web Services

Listen to learn how moving away from a traditional office setup can allow you to plug in talent from all over the world.

Start Up Top Tip

Make sure you have a good understanding of traffic acquisition and conversion.

Make it as easy as possible for customers to buy your product.

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