Impact of Brand Awareness for Olympic Sponsors

Sponsoring the Olympics is one of the biggest brand awareness tactics available, and although it’s outside the budget of most eCommerce businesses it does show how powerful building awareness of your business and it’s brand can be.

The 2 biggest sponsors of the Olympics in 2012 were MacDonalds and Coca-Cola – both have been heavily marketing themselves alongside the Olympics – across all channels available to them. So I’ve taken a look at one of the measures of how well they’ve done from their brand awareness building activity – the number of fans on their Facebook Pages.


  • Start of the Olympics: 46,197,910
  • Week after the Olympics: 47,760,990
  • +1,563,070 = up 3.4%


  • Start of the Olympics: 21,473,924
  • Week after the Olympics: 21,785,509
  • +311,585 = up 1.5%

What could you do to raise brand awareness and increase your Facebook Fans by a few percent in just 2 weeks?