How to harness the power of affiliate bloggers

Affiliate bloggers are on the rise, mainly due to the fact that bloggers now realise that they can monetise the content that they are already producing. Blogs are very different to any other form of website because they are updated regularly and their readers are very loyal, so the amount of repeat visits to blogs is huge. The reason people come back to blogs time and time again is because they are interested in and believe in what the blogger has to offer them. This is where the power of affiliate blogging comes from – the trust readers have in the blogger.

So how can you harness the power of affiliate bloggers?

Identification – Firstly you need to identify blogs that would work well for the products you offer. If you are on an affiliate program then browse through the blog affiliates on there to see whether any correspond to your offering. Secondly, look further afield, if there are blogs that you think would like your offering and they aren’t currently on an affiliate network, then you can always talk to them about whether they would like to join.

Communications – Talk to the owners of the blogs you have identified. It’s important to understand that in most cases these people aren’t thinking like cashback or voucher code sites, and their main focus is the content of their blog, and not on the revenue they could get from being an affiliate. Look at their blog in relation to the content on your site, can you offer them anything that would be of value to their content? If so, tell them about it. The best blogs are very targeted conversations on particular subjects, and if these conversations match what you are offering then there is a good chance that the blogger would be willing to put in a few links to your content.

Once you have gained a relationship with individual bloggers, then keep them up to date with anything that they may be interested in publishing e.g. sales, new collections, competitions etc.

If you haven’t figured affiliate blogs into your affiliate marketing plans, then it’s definitely worth considering reaching out to them as the rewards can be huge.