How to Check your Website is in Google’s Index

If you’re not in Google’s index you won’t appear in the Google search results.

If you are indexed badly it won’t be good for you either.

This is not a complete guide to getting into the index, just a guide to simply finding out if you have a problem or not.

What you want:

  • All the pages you want to be eligible for the search results – in the search results

How can you check this?

  1. How many pages do you want in the search results? Quick way to work it out is – [number of products] + [pages on your blog] + [10-50 pages for other content]
  2. Go to the google search engine and search : “” – so I would search “”.
    You should get this:
    info search
  3. Click on “Find web pages from the site….” – at the very top of the search results Google will give you the number of pages it has in it’s index of your site.
    Is it about right?
    If so you don’t need to carry on with the following, but you might want to.
  4. To see what’s going on we need to use Google Webmaster Tools
    Here you can “talk” direct to Google about your site’s search performance, this area of the menu will help you understand what’s happening in your index:
    gwt_index and crawl
  5. Here you can see what Google sees as errors in your indexing, and that they’ve found when crawling your site.
  6. You should also submit a sitemap.xml to Google via Google Webmaster Tools – this is your way to tell Google what pages are on your website.