Want an easy way to work out how sustainable your products are? (episode 375)

Austin Simms is the co-founder & COO at Dayrize, a business which exists to help businesses and consumers bring consumption within planetary boundaries, and whose software is already being used by over 500 businesses – including Foot Locker. Before co-founding Dayrize Austin has held senior marketing positions at multiple big brand consumer businesses like Nike, Philips and Brooks Running.

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Founding Dayrize

Austin was on a holiday with one of his co-founders and their families when they got into a debate about the sustainability of a floating device their kids were using.

Looking at nutritional food labels that have been around for 20 years that help consumers make better decisions, Austin says he and his co-founder thought of doing the same for other products.

They got 20 of the world’s best sustainability experts and developers and developed a technology that can tell you the sustainability of any consumer product. All this, Austin says, is to be able to do something for the planet and to bring a level of transparency to both businesses and consumers.

Working With Dayrize

Brands work with Dayrize to either prove their products are sustainable or to understand how they can do better. There’s a desire to change and become better because of consumer demands and also due to increasing legislation.

At Dayrize, the technology they use is three-fold:

  • It first collects information about the product.
  • The algorithm then runs the information through the five dimensions of sustainability.
  • It reports how much of that product goes towards the planetary budget each year.

Dayrize provides businesses with very detailed reports for them to understand the impact of their product.

Defining A Sustainable Product

Austin says you have to look at a product in its totality to measure its sustainability.

At Dayrize, there are five dimensions they consider when assessing the sustainability of a product:

  • Climate impact
  • Biodiversity impact
  • Circularity
  • Livelihoods and wellbeing
  • Purpose

It’s important that everything is measured in order to find out the total impact of a product.

Sustainability Efforts

There’s a mentality that if you’re not doing everything to be sustainable, it’s worth nothing. But Austin says this shouldn’t be the case because becoming sustainable is about making simple changes.

The impact consumers have on the environment comes from their purchases, so it’s important they make better buying decisions. Dayrize provides transparency for both businesses and consumers for them to live within planetary boundaries.

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Getting The Message Across

Brands that work with Dayrize have amplified their messaging and now have an extra layer of information on sustainability to help their customers.

This information can be found in their social channels and emails, but mostly on their website.

eCommerce Book Top Tip

eCommerce Traffic Top Tip

  • Austin says that while there is a big focus on performance marketing, make sure you’re also balancing it out with your brand marketing and brand storytelling.

Tool Top Tip

  • Dayrize recently restructured their whole team such that they now work in squads and everything’s project-based. This change has created a different team dynamic for them and made the company move so much faster.

Growth Top Tip

  • Have an extra level of storytelling and transparency in terms of sustainability in your communication because this can create growth in sales and also build loyalty.

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