How an eCommerce site can use Infographics

A change of pace for this week’s eCommerce infographic.

Rather than an infographic that tells you lots of useful information for eCommerce businesses – we’re looking at an example of how an eCommerce business can use an infographic to build it’s Knowledge and Information USP.

The eCommerce Infographic

ECCO Oxford is a shoe retailer whose marketing strategy is focused on proving their expertise in footwear. Not area that would immediately spring to mind as having lots of infographic potential?

There are so many shoe / feet related facts out there, that are just screaming to be infographic-ed! ECCO’s first infographic contains a range of information – from interesting shoe-related quotes, to trivia, and numerical data. Whilst infographic purists would suggest it should concentrate on just one of these areas, creating a varied infographic is a great way to test the water.

The technology

Another interesting fact about this infographic is that ECCO haven’t had to get a graphic designer on board to create it – they’ve used a great free tool called Piktochart to simply drag-and-drop create it.

So don’t let finding a graphic designer / the expense of a graphic designer stop you from testing out an infographic.

What should ECCO do next?

Now they’ve tested the infographic idea it’s time to focus it in on areas that can prove their expertise. Think about the key feet/shoe news stories coming up and create infographics focused on those.

That might be

  • a new range of running shoes -> running facts infographic
  • London marathon -> London marathon stats infographic

How can you infographics in your eCommerce business?

First off take a look at your existing marketing plan – is there an infographic subject already there? Then think about the stats that surround your business, products, and customer’s product needs – do any of them lend themselves to an infographic? Maybe:

  • top stocking fillers this Christmas
  • top 10 things people do in the kitchen
  • average lifetime of a pair of jeans

Go on – give an infographic a go!